Chapter 31 – Sunday April 1, 2018 to Monday April 30, 2018

This hearing used up 45 minutes of two members time, for a total of 90 minutes of hearing time.
So far, this disagreement with our landlord had used up 9 hours 40 minutes of hearing time at the LTB, in 9 hearings, two by telephone, seven in person (counting the Case Management Hearing and mediation session of May 19, 2017 as hearings). It has also used up 7 hours and 50 minutes of a mediator’s time.

Chapter 28 – Friday September 29, 2017 – Thursday November 2, 2017

Yakhni becomes even more of an unprofessional pain in the ass to deal with. Pollington maes an appaerance with a camera in hand, as does Christina Stamper.
Our landlord simply ignores the Interim Order issued by a board member, as does his representative.