18:03 – I served our landlords an N9 notice earlier today. I have to get out of here. The loony crew is back, and the noise, car alarm, and banging are back. I won’t be spending any more time here than it takes to move my belongings to my new (temporary) quarters. My roommate has been pounding the pavement looking for another place.

I’m hoping the loony crew leaves her alone long enough for her to get out.

Haven’t had much time to do anything other than make what arrangements I could to get out of this fucking circus. It’s literally driving me crazy, wondering what else these lunatics will try next.

Update: November 21, 2019 – The N9 Notice I served to john Cerino had a signature block that read “Fuck U John”. It was dated September 2, 3019. I was hopeful that John and the looney crew would miss those details (which invalidate the Notice) and think I was moving out. It worked, after a fashion. They’ve been (relatively) quiet, except for a few verbal exchanges (videos to follow). But the jig is up, and now they know. It took yet more police resources to explain that to them.

Update: March 4, 2021 – At this point I ceased blogging in real time, in part because I was dealing with a flood of vexatious litigation at the LTB, a false criminal complaint, almost daily harassment and homophobic comments, and a number of medical appointments as a result of the events on August 14, 2019.

The rest of the story will be posted, but there may be a few posts that aren’t visible to the public. From this point, until now, the story gets a lot more bizarre.

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