Monday August 26, 2019 – Both Richard Pollington and Jeremy Stamper both called me a fag as I went into the building. Ron (I think it was Ron’s voice) added that I was a “rat”. I stopped on the front deck and took out my cell phone; Richard and Jeremy turned and walked away in different directions. I didn’t bother to record. The battery in my body cam needed charging so it wasn’t on my belt. Christine screamed something a few seconds later, the only words I heard clearly were “stalking me again. Call the police!”. I hadn’t even seen her, and didn’t know where she was. There were no incidents when I left the building, ninety minutes later. I half expected another visit from bullying, asshole cops as a result of this, but it appears no complaint was ever recorded by HPS.

Wednesday 28 August 2019 – I went to the hearing for Pollington’s private complaint. Because of the age of the events, they lie outside the six month limit for summary proceedings, so the crown is proceeding by indictment. I asked for, and got, a one month remand to find a lawyer. The matter was remanded until September 30, 2019. Richard and Christine both called me a “rat” outside the courtroom, and Richard Jr followed me into the washroom and watched me take a piss. It was creepy.

They spent a lot of their time talking to a sketchy looking individual who seemed fascinated by me. At least he spent a lot of time staring at me, scowling. At one point, while he was speaking to Christine, he appeared to take my photograph with a cell phone.

I stopped at the building at East Ave after the hearing, in the company of a friend. As we entered the building, I let my friend into the stairwell up to the second floor by opening the interior security door and holding it open while my friend when through. After she had entered the stairwell, but before I could follow, Christine opened the door to Richard Pollington’s unit and screamed at me “You’re going to jail fag! It’s where perverts like you belong!” then slammed the door closed. My friend was in the stairwell and didn’t see Christine, but did hear her. Christine’s voice was very loud and shrill.

About an hour later I heard noises on the back deck, and went to investigate. John was standing there. I hadn’t brought my cell phone with me. We had a short conversation. The gist of it was that I asked John what it would take for him to lay off the stream of litigation and leave Marie alone. He answered that as soon as he “had your notice to move” that he would stop. So I told him I’d give him one in the next few days and slammed the door. John was his usual antagonizing self (and I wasn’t worried that he’d start violence at this point. If he had, there were two weapons in easy reach while I was talking to John, not to mention a kitchen full of knives).

Thursday August 29, 2019 – Saturday August 31, 2019 – My roomate tells me the loony crew haven’t been around at night. She thinks they’re camping. I stayed there on Saturday night and it was peaceful.

I gave some thought to givng  John an N9 (Notice to Terminate Tenancy), but decided against it.  I didn’t trust John to keep his word, and even if I did leave John would simply focus his efforts on Marie, and she was  not  reacting well to the  harassment.

So I  decided to give John something that looked like an N9.  The N9 Notice I served to john Cerino had a signature block that read “Fuck U John”. It was dated September 2, 3019. It wasn’t valid, and even if it was, a tenant doesn’t have to move out  on the termination date.  If the tenant stays where  they are, the landlord has to file an application with the LTB for an order to evict. Which would be embarrassing for John and his representative if they hadn’t read it.  I didn’t mind an eviction order dated for 1000 years in the future.

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