Chapter 51 – Wednesday August 7, 2019-Thursday August 8, 2019

Wednesday August 7, 2019 – Maximum Pest Control returned to our apartment and treated for bedbugs (Doc 359). We were both exhausted from dealing with John’s crew and the bedbugs, but Marie met the exterminators and did all of the laundry herself because I had a medical appointment.

Thursday, August 8, 2019 – On the evening of August 6, 2019, I’d sent an email to Joseph Kazubek asking about his representation of John Cerino/Richard Pollington in the various ongoing matters (Doc 300). He hadn’t answered, and there was another hearing for Pollington’s private complaint on August 12, 2019. So I gave him a call:

AR-160 – phone_20190808-153451_9059621169-1

 I guess he was just busy.

Joe’s “office” never did respond to this email, and I spent the next few weeks trying to decipher what (if any) representation John (or any of the other of his crew) had.

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