Monday July 15, 2019 – The day started with a loud crash at 6:20 am, right below my bedroom (I think). My alarm went off ten minutes later.

We had arranged for an exterminator to come to the unit while I was in court (Doc 297). Marie stayed in the unit to deal with the exterminator. We had decided to use some of the money from the unpaid rent fund (we’d kept setting our usual amount of rent each month) to pay for an exterminator we could trust. The technician was a friend of Marie’s and an acquaintance of mine; he worked for a reputable company and was a licensed exterminator, and had nothing good to say about John’s efforts (or those of the previous exterminator) to eliminate the bedbug problem. We couldn’t afford it, but we couldn’t not afford to do it either. We’d picked that day, because we knew most (if not all) of John’s crew would be at the hearing.

There was a hearing for Richard Pollington’s private complaint. Only three of the landlord’s crew were around; Richard Pollington, Christina Stamper and Agostino Cerino. In the lobby of the court Agostino joined in on the usual provocation before a hearing.

Nothing much came of the hearing, but I did get a chance to speak to the duty Crown about this mess again. It was agreed that a JPT (Judicial Pre-Trial) would be conducted on August 28, 2019.

After the hearing, as I was leaving, Christina Stamper said to me “You’ll never live long enough to hurt my son”. Since I did not record it (I don’t run a camera in a courthouse) and the only witness was Richard Pollington (if he even heard), I didn’t bother making a complaint to the police. Besides, that isn’t (really) a threat. Just Christina Stamper running off at the mouth again. I think by “hurt” she meant my comment to her on July 15, 2019 that I would make sure he had a criminal record this time.

She isn’t doing Jeremy any favors. Since he got a conditional discharge, I have to assume it’s likely he has no criminal record (or a very minor one; there were no injuries and little property damaged by his crime). Without knowing any of the other circumstances, it would have been easy to spin this story as a guy losing his temper under provocation (which appears to be his family’s spin on the story).

Okay. A criminal record for assault with a weapon for the incident on November 23, 2018 seems a bit excessive to me. It probably did to the judge, too. A lifetime of hassle crossing the border, getting a job, volunteering for a charity and a thousand other things is ‘way out of line for throwing a cup of coffee (which wasn’t cold, and was nearly full despite Richard Pollington’s beliefs).

On the other hand, based on an overheard conversation today (that was not recorded, since I wasn’t part of the conversation and the other people were not aware I was listening) it seems one of the big reasons Jeremy doesn’t like me is that the Stampers were promised our unit when they moved in. John had filed an L2 application in July 2017 that was to be heard on September 24, 2017. John expected our unit would be vacant when the Stampers were ready to move in on January 1, 2018.

That would explain the activity in the Stamper’s unit for late November and December 2017. John had left it vacant since October 2016, when Richard Pollington Jr moved out. Agostino and a number of other people did a lot of work to get the place ready.

Cora Mitchell’s young children are active and loud. Cora, if you’ll recall, lives above the Stampers. Jeremy is, apparently, sensitive to noise when he sleeps.

Add to that the fact that John has convinced to whole crew that we are welfare bums scamming free rent, and I might be a bit annoyed myself in that situation if I were Jeremy. But I would have checked the facts for myself.

And Jeremy appears to have learned nothing from his experience with the criminal justice system. He has taken no responsibility whatsoever. He, and his family, apparently think it’s my fault for not going inside the building when Jeremy ordered me to do so. They believe that was provocation. I see it as not knuckling under to a bully (who I didn’t know) on my front doorstep

The case was remanded until August 12, 2019 in hopes that there would be some kind of resolution at the LTB merit hearing on August 6, 2019. There was a gasp of outrage from Christina Stamper, who then asked in a loud voice “May I speak?”. The judge replied with an abrupt “No”, so I turned and left the courtroom after he finsished speaking.

As I left the courtroom, Christina Stamper shoved past me in the doorway, then turned to me and said “You’re nothing but white trash” in a loud voice. I probably should have ignored it, but I replied “I intend to see that your son has a criminal record this time, madame.” I nearly choked on the word “madame” but we were in a courthouse. It was as much civility as I could muster at the time.

As I was leaving, Christina warned me to watch out for “Ricky”, which I took to mean Richard Pollington Jr.

It seemed prudent to report this to police, so I stopped in at 155 King William to make my complaint.

The Occurrence Details, General Report, and other documents are here (Doc 295).

There are some inaccuracies in the Occurence Details Report:

Bosch ensured he only videotapes himself as he is coming and going from the residence to protect himself and after repeatedly being cleared of any wrong doing these calls to Police somehow constitute public mischief.

No. What I said was making false reports to police, that caused them to enter into an investigation, was public mischief. I used the example from two days before; when one of them (either Christina Stamper or Richard Pollington) had complained to police that I was ‘shoving a camera in their faces’. I even offered to show Davies the videos from that day showing the camera was never raised above waist level, and pointed out that both Richard Pollington and Christina Stamper had been told repeatedly by police at this point that my recording my surroundings was not a police matter. He wasn’t interested.

Bosch expressed displeasure over the constant attendance of Police regarding the complaints and requested to speak with the Divisional Patrol Staff Sergeant regarding the issue.

Davies isn’t accurate here. It wasn’t the attendance of police that I objected to, it was their aggressive questioning and insistence on blaming us for not moving, and their refusal to enforce Jeremy Stamper’s recognizance previous to his arrest two days before. The request to speak to the “Divisional Patrol Staff Sergeant” (I’d asked to speak to Constable Lavie’s supervisor) was intended to complain about French’s behavior in regard to the camera and Lavie’s threatening conduct towards me (and possibly displaying homophobic behavior and/or bias) and Davies was made aware of that. He misrepresents the reason for my request to speak to Lavie’s superior. He doesn’t even mention Lavie or French.) The issue was not “police attendance” at my apartment, and Davies knew it. Davies did go get a Staff Sergent.

As the Staff Sergeant came out, Lavie appeared behind the counter, standing with his feet shoulder width apart, arms crossed and staring at me. The staff sergeant sat down, and I started by trying to explain to her that the continued surprise visits by police were having a negative effect on my roomate’s mental health and offered the suggestion that police call me if there was a complaint instead. She didn’t care about my roomate’s mental health, and said so in those words (Her exact words were “Your friend’s mental health is not my concern” My answer was “Even if your actions are contributing to the problem?” She then told me police would respond any way they decided they had to respond. I think that may be what Davies meant by “Bosch was ultimately advised that he would continue to be dealt with according to the appropriate Police response.”

As we spoke, Lavie continued to stand about 7 meters away, arms folded, staring expressionlessly at me. It got a little intimidating so I cut my complaint short and got out. It was very clear the cops weren’t interested.

To this point there have been at least fourteen complaints to police (at least 8 from our landlord and his crew) resulting in 13 responses, and charges being laid in two cases (against Jeremy Stamper).

Tuesday July 16, 2019 – I wasn’t home and neither was my roomate.

Wednesday July 17, 2019 – I received a text from my roomate.

Fig 113

I had some hopes Ron Stamper wanted to talk like a civilized human being, but no expectation that he would. He met my expectations. When I arrived at the building a little more than an hour later, I was greeted by the Stampers (Vid 80).

Video begins with me approaching the building. I had heard Christina Stamper screaming at someone almost a block away, which is why I turned on the camera as I approached. I was recording video on my cell phone, hiding it in my hand and walking normally (ie: the camera was not focused on any particular subject). At 00:16 in Vid 80, Christina Stamper can be heard. At the time, I was approximately 45 meters from her position.

A transcript of our conversation follows:

Cristina Stamper: You watch, he’s videotaping me. And I’m calling the cops! He’s videotaping me again!

{Note the increasingly hysterical tone of voice. Christine Stamper is a bit of a drama queen. The hysterical sort. That will be apparent from later videos. The camera hadn’t even captured her image at this point, and hadn’t pointed at her, or anything else.}

Paul Bosch: (sighs)

Ron Stamper: Hi Paul.

Paul Bosch: Marie said you wanted to speak to me, Mr Stamper?

I wasn’t on a first name basis with this individual, nor was it ever likely I would be. So I was polite, but not familiar.

Ron Stamper: Why’d you call her white trash? Before you call anybody white…”

Christine Stamper: Ron! Get away!

Ron Stamper: Before you call anybody white trash, you should look in the mirror.

{I hadn’t called Cristine “white trash”. She’d hurled that insult in my direction, as I was leaving the courtroom on July 15, 2019. This wasn’t the first time I observed Ron Stamper’s family lie to him about events he did not witness. The Stampers seem to lie to each other often. Christine is a barefaced liar in particular.}

Paul Bosch: That’s what you wanted to say to me?

Ron Stamper: Yeah, that’s all. Stop threatening my family. It’s affecting my job now.

{That annoyed me a bit. Ron clearly still believed I was a “welfare bum” at this point; his occasional muttered insults around the building made that much clear. It had long since been affecting my job. Ron is a bully, like the rest of his family. This comment has the flavour of a schoolyard bullying complaining to the teacher that his victim had hit him in the hand with his nose and hurt his hand. I’d missed about forty days of work at this point, and hadn’t committed any crimes. And I hadn’t threatened any of Ron’s family, or anyone else. I had named them as respondents in an LTB application, but that isn’t ‘threatening’. And shouldn’t have been surprising to him or any of the others in his family.}

Paul Bosch (sighs)

Ron Stamper: Are you taping me? Hi! {waves to camera}

Richard Pollington: What are you doing?

Cristine Stamper: He’s videotaping me. I’m gonna call the cops.

{Christine was dead set on having me charged with something, in the apparent belief it would help Jeremy. I overheard that much around the building, but I never did get the details of her reasoning. In any event, she’d been told by police numerous time (Sept 2, 2017, November 23, 2018, and others) that someone recording her in public was not committing a crime. I believe Cristine’s intent was to harass us with yet another visit from HPS, with possible added bonus of criminal charges if she could think of a story that would stick.}

Ron Stamper: {indistinct}

Christine Stamper: And then I’m gonna have him charged with stalking me!

{Christine routinely conflated being photographed in public (or being asked to move out of a doorway or simply me walking by her on my way in or out of the building) with “stalking”. It was annoying and a bit creepy to hear her accusations of “stalking” every time I went in or out of the building. She made them whether I had the phone out or not, and would sometime scream the accusations loudly as I was some distance from the building. As she had this time.}

Ron Stamper: That’s all I wanna say Paul. Stop threatening my family.

I hadn’t. So I said so, 1) Because I have a strong belief that a lie should be challenged, and 2) I was curious to see what his reaction would be to my denial of one of his wife’s lies. So, I phrased it carefully.

Paul Bosch: I have not threatened your family sir.

{At this point Christine turns towards me, points at me and begins speaking loudly}

Christine Stamper: You did so! you said you’d make sure my son has a criminal record!

Ron Stamper: {shouted at Christine} Shut up!

Paul Bosch: Well, that’s not a threat.

Christine Stamper: He’s got a newborn baby.

{I wasn’t sure how to respond to this. It wasn’t relevant, and to the best of my knowledge at this point (from facebook posts and rummaging around in a few dark corners of the internet), Jeremy’s youngest child was about eighteen months old at this point.). And by this point I had almost no sympathy for Jeremy’s situation. He was a bully, and was in the situation he was as a direct result of his bullying. Simple observation had convinced me at this point that throwing the coffee wasn’t a one-time mistake. It was a manifestation of his basic personality. He’s a bullying asshole, at least when observed from a distance. He’s also the apple of his mother’s eye, and seemingly can do no wrong in her eyes. It’s a seriously dysfunctional family.}

Paul Bosch: That’s a result of his own actions.

{The criminal charges, I meant, not the baby. And they were, plain and simple. I believe Jeremy threw the coffee because he believed he would be immune from consequences. His mother had just told him I was breaking the law. He thought I wouldn’t complain to the police. He was mistaken.}

Ron Stamper: No, it’s not.

Paul Bosch: Good day to you sir.

{I wasn’t going to argue the point any more. But Ron wanted to.}

Christine Stamper: {on the phone} Yes, can I have an officer come out to {indistinct} east avenue?

Christine was back to the basics; harassment by cop. Ron Stamper had asked to speak to me, and Christine (despite being cautioned against communicating with me by police two days earlier) had spoken to me directly. Her complaint to the police is also public mischief.

Ron Stamper: He…I was out here that day, you provoked him, just like you provoked him the other day.

{I had not provoked Jeremy Stamper “the other day”, or on November 23, 2018. Or any other time.}

Paul Bosch: {sighs}

Ron Stamper: You knew he was out here. Why’d you come out here to talk to him? Why’d you come out and look at him?

{That wasn’t what happened. I’d noticed Jeremy standing beside his vehicle, and paused a moment before I closed the door on my way into the building. That’s when Jeremy spoke to me and breached his probation. That’s all on Vid 72.}

Paul Bosch: Watch the video sir.

{It was on my blog at this point.}

Ron Stamper: It don’t matter. You knew he was out here.

Paul Bosch: I was coming home. Simple as that.

{And it was. All Jeremy had to do was leave me alone. I didn’t see any useful outcome from continuing this discussion, so I turned and entered the building’s front door. Ron Stamper kept talking.}

Ron Stamper: I’m a nice guy. Yeah, you go and hide like a little fag.

{door closes}

It later became apparent to me that Ron Stamper had misinterpreted my retreat from the front deck as cowardice. It wasn’t.

The Stampers seemed to have taken over Richard Pollington’s role in the harassment. Call the cops about everything and hope something sticks.

The unwelcome communication was getting out of hand, so I also made a complaint to police non-emergency line a half hour later, after reviewing the videos.

That was at 1 pm. I got a call from Constable Fleming to pick up a witness impact statement for the events of July 12, 2019. So I went back to 155 King William and picked it up. It was a blank form, with another page attached with writing on it. I never saw the other page, the officer on duty at the desk ripped it off and handed me the blank Victim Impact Statement. Apparently I was supposed to fill in the incident number and all the rest on my own. So I did. The officer behind the desk told me to bring it back and specify that it was for Constable French.

Around 5 pm, John came by and visited with the Stampers and the Pollingtons in the driveway. John was easy to hear from my bedroom window (and I think he knew it). He was quite convincing assuring the Stampers and Richard that we would be evicted on August 6. I knew otherwise, but I didn’t say anything to John about it. John is the one in the blue shirt, waving at the camera in the video (Vid 81).

A few minutes after I recorded Vid 81, John left. Marie was arrived home a few minutes later. I held my phone at my side until I noticed the two people in the driveway recording me.

Fig 114 – Screenshot from Vid 81.5

So I moved the camera to where it could record them (Vid 81.5). I took this video to show that the Pollingtons and Stampers had no objection to cameras. They used cameras themselves.

About 40 minutes later Marie went downstairs to accept a delivery. I went with her, since there was a crowd outside.

Fig 115 – screenshot from Vid 81.6

There were no less than three people recording video when we came outside. So I joined in. Vid 81.6.

Thursday July 18, 2019 – My roomate had been very upset by the police showing up and aggressively questioning us (me too) and (as usual of late) HPS responded to Pollington’s complaint at 1:30am , July 18, 2019. So when they called in the middle of the night and woke me up, I asked that we meet at a Tim Horton’s. Three cops showed up. The occurrence report refers to conversation had during that interview, not the one at the door (Vid 79) (assuming the officers in Vid 79 were responding to this complaint. As near as I can tell from the paperwork, that’s what they were doing). During the interview at Tim Horton’s, Fleming made it plain that she considered the trouble to be my fault, because I was recording my neighbors. Her answer to my objection that my roomate was also recording them, without objection, was that “You are shoving the camera in their faces”.

The first paragraph of the Occurrence report is accurate (assuming “best practice” means “usual practice”), but leaves out the fact that both my roomate and myself were recording our surroundings (using the same method) and that there were no objections to Marie doing so. I also gave a brief outline to Fleming (at the Tim Horton’s) of what happened the first time we turned the cameras off (in June 2017. It resulted in a flood of false accusations made in N5 Notices, and vexatious eviction applications. It was quite apparent they were willing to tell whatever story got us evicted). The second paragraph is accurate, but incomplete. To this point, Cora Mitchell had not ever expressed any discomfort with the camera, at least not to us. Taking into consideration Richard Pollington’s “video camera in use” sign on his front door, along with Cora’s use of the camera (she’d recorded me a few times as well, but didn’t make a practice of it like Christina Stamper or Richard) any such claim would have been a bit difficult to believe.

BOSCH has the right to video tape others in the passing to and from the apartment however if it becomes to the point where he is following individuals or looking inside their residence then police will continue from that point on. Currently there are no grounds to lay a criminal charge as he is video tapping the area in which he is walking and he is just holding it in his hand as he walks by.

And holding it in my hand (and later, having a camera clipped to my belt) was all I’d ever done with the camera outside of my own unit (aside from taking some photographs of the building maintenance deficiencies).

Fleming doesn’t mention that I complained about them following me around with a camera (which had happened about a dozen times at this point). I also offered to show her the videos I made of myself coming and going from the building. She was only interested in the recent ones, so I showed her two videos, one where Christina Stamper started screaming “He’s stalking me!” when I was 40-50 meters from the building, walking towards it and carrying my phone in my hand (Vid 80).) I also asked that the complainant be charged with Public Mischief (briefly, if you make a false report that causes a police officer to enter an investigation, you have committed a crime. The complainant (either Richard Pollington, or Christina Stamper) had claimed that I had been “waving a camera” in their face. The video clearly shows I was not. Fleming wasn’t interested in my complaint. Her answer was “If you have a camera, you’re communicating with them. They have the right to to say they don’t like it.” Yes, they do. But they don’t have the right to harass me or to make false complaints to police for doing something I have every right to do. Particularly since they were using cameras a lot more than my roomate and I were. I believe this part of the conversation was documented as:

Police advise she will continue to talk as BOSCH continues to film her and the other tenants in the building as they do not like being filmed.

That still doesn’t give them the right to aggressively approach me, antagonize me, call me a fag, cunt, rat, pussy, welfare bum, looser or asshole when I tried to use common areas of the building, and whether or not I had a camera running. It does not give them the right to restrict my movement in common areas. It does not give them the right to make false complaints to police (I was NOT waving a camera in anyone’s face, nor had I ever done so). And I made it plain to Fleming that the camera was only turned on if there appeared to be a potential for conflict (which was almost every time I approached or left the building at this point,) The complaint wasn’t solely about Christine Stamper, although her report indicates it was. Fleming didn’t care.

Fleming was also massively uninterested in my complaint about the effects of the harassment (and aggressive police questioning) on my roomate. It became clear to me in this conversation that police would not lay charges, even though I’d outlined all the elements of criminal harassment. Fleming made it quite clear to me that her opinion was that my possession of a camera, and willingness to record my surroundings, was the provocation driving this whole situation. She also made it quite clear that police would take any opportunity to charge me “if we keep having to waste our time”. When I pointed out that I hadn’t made this particular complaint, Fleming changed the subject. She appeared to be under the impression that ALL of the complaints made to date were made by me. She was also uninterested in my complaints about being called “fag”, “pussy” or “cocksucker”.

Sections 264 of the criminal code of Canada reads:


264(1) No person shall, without lawful authority and knowing that another person is harassed or recklessly as to whether the other person is harassed, engage in conduct referred to in subsection (2) that causes that other person reasonably, in all the circumstances, to fear for their safety or the safety of anyone known to them.

Prohibited conduct

(2) The conduct mentioned in subsection (1) consists of

(a) repeatedly following from place to place the other person or anyone known to them;

(b) repeatedly communicating with, either directly or indirectly, the other person or anyone known to them;

(c) besetting or watching the dwelling-house, or place where the other person, or anyone known to them, resides, works, carries on business or happens to be; or

(d) engaging in threatening conduct directed at the other person or any member of their family.

As a group and as individuals, our landlord and his agents (Pollington and the Stampers) had done all of the above, particularly c). Almost every time I left the building or came home, they’d come out of the building as a group. Ron Stamper’s mantra of “you’ve got a problem, bud” isn’t threatening in and of itself, but after it had been repeated as often as it had, it became threatening. All of them had repeatedly communicated with me (including Jeremy Stamper, if you count an upraised middle finger as communication). When I pointed this out to Fleming, she repeated her theory that my possession of a camera (whether recording or not) was communication with the Stampers and/or Richard Pollington. I was surprised by her statement and questioned her on this point. Her theory is that mere possession of a camera is communication with those around me, which means they have the right to respond. So either one of us misunderstood the other, or Fleming has some very curious ideas about cameras that are not supported in law. At least that I can understand.)

And, if mere possession of a camera justifies repeated unwanted communication by anyone, besetting (as a group and as individuals) and calling someone names (particularly homophobic names that push buttons, on me at least) there’s a lot about the law I don’t understand. But the notion is ridiculous.

To this point there have been at least fifteen complaints to police (at least 8 from our landlord and his crew) resulting in 14 responses, and charges being laid in two cases (against Jeremy Stamper).

Thursday July 25, 2019 – Maximum Pest Control returned to our unit and treated for bedbugs (Doc 358). Marie met the exterminators at the building; I wasn’t there.

Saturday July 27, 2019 – While walking by the building, a rock was thrown at me (Vid 82). It went flying by me, thrown from behind, but did not appear on camera. When I turned the individual sitting on the tailgate of the truck parked on the lawn was just finishing lighting a cigarette. I doubt he threw the rock. Christina Stamper may have, when her friend was distracted by lighting his smoke, or it may have been thrown by someone I didn’t see. But it came from their general direction. The camera was a body camera I’d just ordered on Amazon, and I was still learning how to use it.

Sunday, July 28, 2019 – I was returning to the building around 7:00 pm, and used the back door of our apartment (using the entrance to the back yard on Hunter Street East). The gate giving access to the back yard is beside the Stamper’s unit. I did not have a camera recording, since none of them were in sight as I approached the building. As I opened the gate I saw Ron Stamper standing in the back yard. He turned towards me and very aggressively said “Don’t look at me you fucking fag!”, then took a step towards me. I stepped through the gate and closed it, then reached down to my belt to start the camera. I thought I had, but I hadn’t. The following conversation was not recorded, but I did make notes immediately after.

Ron Stamper: Don’t look at me you fucking fag!

Paul Bosch: Don’t call me a fag.

Ron Stamper: And a rat. You know how fag rats end up? Stop looking at me!

{I’d been looking Ron in the eye, giving him my best poker face. Ron Stamper was alone, and did not appear armed.}

Paul Bosch: Don’t call me a fag. I won’t tell you again.

{At this point Ron began poking one cheek with his tongue with his mouth open, while moving his thumb back and forth near his open mouth. The gesture is meant to simulate fellatio, and is the non-verbal equivalent of “You’re a cocksucker.” Ron Stamper was being deliberately provocative. After about ten seconds of this, Ron spoke again.}

Ron Stamper: Why don’t you just move? Just get out.

Paul Bosch: Why don’t you just get out of my way?

Ron Stamper: Because I don’t want you coming back here. I don’t want you walking past my house or looking at my house or me or my family. It’s not for your eyes {I think that’s what Ron said}.

Paul Bosch: What?

Ron Stamper: Don’t look at any of us. You walk with your eyes straight ahead, not looking all over. My house is not for your eyes.

{I had no idea what Ron Stamper was talking about at this point.}

Paul Bosch: What are you talking about, Stamper?

Ron Stamper: My name’s Ron.

Paul Bosch: I know. What are you talking about?

Ron Stamper: I don’t want you looking at me. You don’t exist. Rats don’t exist to me. You aren’t good enough to look at me or my family. You’re nothing but a bitch. You don’t come back here any more. If you need to get to your place use the front door. This is my property.

{Actually, it was common area of the building.}

Paul Bosch: Fuck off, Stamper.

Ron Stamper: My name’s Ron!

At that point I walked around Ron Stamper, and went up the back stairs to my unit. As I did, a couple of Jeremy’s crew came around the corner of the building with Ron Stamper, and the three of them watched me climb the stairs to my back door, loudly discussing the “rat problem” in the building. I hadn’t seen Ron Stamper use a walkie talkie, so I don’t know how they knew to come out, if they did know.

To this point there have been at least fifteen complaints to police (at least 8 from our landlord and his crew) resulting in 14 responses, and charges being laid in two cases (against Jeremy Stamper).
The tally is at 18 hours 45 minutes of hearing time at the LTB, in 14 hearings, two by telephone, eleven in person (counting the Case Management Hearing and mediation session of May 19, 2017 as hearings). It has also used up 9 hours and 51 minutes of a mediator’s time.

On the criminal side, it has used up whatever time the pre-enquete hearing used when process was issued on Pollington’s private complaint, and ne short appearance. Call it two hearings, 50 minutes of a judge’s time.

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