Thursday November 1, 2018 – Agostino arrived to collect the rent (Vid 50). He arrived alone. After the events of October 16, 2018 it seemed prudent to have two cameras available to record the conversation, in case John showed up. The picture on the left is the video camera Marie was holding, the picture on the right is my cellphone recording. John didn’t show up. After Marie had paid the rent, I asked Agostino if he had seen the Interim Order (Doc 220). He hadn’t, so I went through the five terms that applied to the landlord. Agostino stated that “John says there is no gap” when I asked him about the door (Paragraph 4). When questioned about John’s refusal to abide by the terms of paragraph 5, Agostino says “It’s his house, he can do what he wants.” Agostino becomes progressively more antagonistic and hostile as the conversation progresses. Agostino also states that the order contains a term that I not speak to John. It does not, and an LTB member could write such an order without my consent. It was very clear from this conversation that John had no intention of honoring the terms of the Order. John hadn’t even told Agostino the terms of the order.

Friday November 2, 2018 – I missed a call from Agostino. So I called Agostino back, and told him we had bed bugs. He asked for written notification about the bed bugs, and when I answered that I’d send his representative an email, he thanked me. He then suggested I email his representative about my issues with the Notice of Entry and John’s behaviour on October 16 (AR 118).

I emailed Yakhni (Doc 227) a couple of hours later. She had claimed in the hearing on August 10, 2017 that she was authorized to accept repair requests, so I included that in the email.

Peter Bosch

 Fri, Nov 2, 2018 at 6:14 PM


Ms Yahkni;

Please inform John Cerino that live bedbugs have been found in our unit again and that our unit needs treatment for same. This will be the sixth treatment, which so far has proven ineffective. Please inform any pest control personnel that they will be recorded while in our unit, and will be asked to produce a license and information on the chemicals being applied.

There are some concerns about John Cerino’s entry to our unit on October 16, 2018. John did not comply with the interim order dated October 1, 2018. Agostino claimed to be unaware of the order when questioned about it. In particular, John’s Notice of Entry did not specify whether he would be personally entering the unit and did not specify the rooms to be accessed. John refused to repair the gap under the front door, claiming “It’s perfect” and Agostino has confirmed earlier today that John will not comply with the order. John also repeatedly ignored paragraph 5 of that order. It has become clear that your client has no respect whatsoever for orders issued by a Board member. It has become very obvious that your client’s sole purpose in entering our unit personally is to antagonize, provoke and harass us, as well as constantly attempting to gaslight. When John was asked to leave after his behavior became intolerable, he refused. He did not leave until police were called, and then loudly feigned surpise at being asked to leave. If John Cerino again enters our unit personally, and refuses to leave when asked, he will be placed under citizen’s arrest for trespassing and the police summoned. The videos of the entry are uploading to youtube; a link will be sent when that process is complete. Copies of the original recordings will be made available to you through disclosure for several new applications to the LTB that will be filed as a result of your client’s actions. As we have repeatedly asked for our landlord’s legal name and address, and have been refused that information, we will be withholding the rent under section 12 of the RTA. It is our belief that Agostino is a landlord, and his and John’s recent actions have made further applications to the LTB necessary. We’d like to know whether or landlord is an individual, a corporation, or something else, and, if a corporation, the names of the directors. John has stated in a hearing that he has a written lease, which we dispute. He later claimed to have lost it, but if a copy has turned up in the meantime we’ll accept that in lieu of our landlord’s legal name and address. Please acknowledge this email.

Paul Bosch

One note about this email: the next treatment would actually be the fifth treatment, not the sixth. I received a reply the next day (Doc 227):

vidy Yakhni <>

Sat, Nov 3, 2018 at 12:11 PM

To: Peter Bosch <>

The landlord is John Cerino and you have his address and telephone number, it is the same as stated in the above applications. Kindly forward all maintenance request to landlord, I do not have instruction to accept this, however for this one time,  I will try to contact Mr. Cerino and convey your message about the bed bugs issue. Vidy Yakhni Edge Paralegal Services Tel: 905-522-7877

November 6, 2018 – I replied (Doc 227):

Peter Bosch <>

Tue, Nov 6, 2018 at 3:23 PM

To: vidy Yakhni <>

>>> The landlord is John Cerino and you have his address and telephone number, it is the same as stated in the above applications.

Agostino has acted alone as a landlord for our unit in a previous application to the LTB (NOT, as he stated, an agent for John. See ). Both John and Agostino have previously stated that Agostino is a landlord. The utility bills, tax bills and compliance orders for 97-99 East Ave S are sent to Agostino’s address. Agostino has acted alone against John’s instructions several times in this matter. We believe the lack of clarity as to Agostino’s role at East Ave is an attempt to evade responsibility for his and John’ action and will be amending the applications to include Agostino as a landlord. Of more immediate concern is the fact that Agostino has stated that he was unaware of previous interim orders. He appears sincere in the video, and is clearly misinformed as to the contents of the orders. John also appears to be misinformed about the contents of the orders, but John was present in the hearing when the order was discussed and agreed to its terms, Please inform your clients (by which I mean Agostino in particular) of the contents of the orders. Finally, when collecting the rent for November, Agostino stated that we asked him to represent us. We are puzzled by this statement. Could you please ask your client to explain what he meant by that? The videos of John’s entry on October 16, 2018 are here:

Camera 1 –

Camera 2 –

Camera 3 –

The video of Agostino collecting rent on November 1, 2018 is here:

>>> Kindly forward all maintenance request to landlord, I do not have instruction to accept this

Ms Yahkni, as you are aware from the videos and recordings John refers any question to you, including routine maintenance issues. Since you have finally admitted that you do not have instruction to accept maintenance requests would you kindly ask your client to accept repair requests himself? Please acknowledge receipt of this email.

Peter Bosch

Yakhni never did acknowledge the email.

Friday November 9, 2018 – Richard delivered a Notice of Entry (Doc 228) for a bedbug treatment on November 13, 2018, which would be our fifth treatment. Marie and I prepared the unit again (we had it down to a drill at this point, and most items had not been removed from their airtight containers). Keeping everything we owned in plastic containers was a major pain in the ass, but it was less of a pain in the ass then unpacking and then inspecting and repacking everything for bedbug treatments. Especially ones that we were increasingly convinced were ineffective. Our landlords were treating our unit only by a professional and that’s just not an effective strategy for ridding a building of bedbugs, especially when the infestation has spread to more than one unit. I had little confidence in John’s DIY bedbug treatments, and the lack of progress in ridding the building of the infestation was frustrating. Richard Pollington’s occasional comments about us ‘bringing bugs to the building’ over the previous few weeks (I haven’t documented every instance) were also annoying. Marie and I had been extremely careful not to bring bedbugs to the unit, and had carefully inspected, cleaned and packed in airtight totes most of our possessions over the summer. I had laundered everything I owned for the first treatment, then sealed up in plastic bags everything that wasn’t seasonal clothing, including winter bedding. Marie had done the same. We laundered everything not sealed in plastic for every treatment, including the bedding. It’s a major pain in the ass, and expensive and time consuming, but necessary. We left those blood-sucking vermin nowhere to hide that they could hide.

Sunday November 11, 2018 – Marie suffered a bout of bronchitis. It worsened through the day, and by evening it was apparent she would not be physically able to endure the treatment and its after effects.

Monday November 12, 2018 – I called Agostino to ask that the treatment be delayed. He asked for the request in writing, and told me to slide it under Richard Pollington’s door and to email his representative (AR 120). The email to Yakhni is Doc 230. My email follows:

Peter Bosch <>

Mon, Nov 12, 2018 at 4:58 PM


Ms Yakhni & Mr Pollington;

Agostino has asked that I pass this message through the two of you in writing, Ms Yahkni by email and Mr Pollington by sliding a hard copy under his door. Agostino; There are two issues with you entering the apartment tomorrow. 1) The notice fo entry you served does not specify “the room or rooms in the unit that the landlord intends to access”  and does not clearly identify “whether the landlord intends to personally enter the unit”. We objected to the same points in the Notice of Entry for Oct 16 and other notices, but received no reply. Please explicitly specify those two items in future notices. 2) Ms Ball is suffering from bronchitis and is unable to help prepare the apartment, nor able to tolerate the apartment after a treatment.Ms Ball has a doctor’s appointment scheduled for tomorrow and will have better information on her state of health after that. As per our conversation with Agostino; we are asking for a delay in the treatment until such as time as Ms Ball is able to tolerate it; and asking that future notice of entry comply with the interim order from the subject line of this email.

Peter Bosch & Marie Ball

An hour later, she answered:

vidy Yakhni <>

Mon, Nov 12, 2018 at 5:43 PM

To: Peter Bosch <>

Mr. Boosh & Ms,

I am no longer on the record for the above matters. I will pass this message on to Mr. John Cerino, please forward all communication directly to the landlord or his agents.


Vidywattie Yakhni

As I was delivering the hard copy letter by sliding it under Richard Pollington’s door I was accosted by Christina Stamper who opened the door and began screaming at me incoherently. I walked away, but called Agostino to complain about the woman’s behaviour (AR 119). I knew she was a tenant, but not her relationship to Richard Pollington. Agostino told me that she did not live in the building and not to worry about it. Her voice is audible in the background in the first part of the recording. Her tone is angry, but the words are indistinct.

The woman was Christina Stamper, who was one of the people who had moved into Unit 1 on the other side of the building. They had moved in at the beginning of January 2018, but had been very standoffish and I didn’t even know their names in November of 2018 (although Marie knew her name was “Chris” when I asked her later). I knew she had been a frequent visitor to Richard Pollington’s unit since we moved in, and had seen her and Richard together quite often. In May of 2018, my roommate and I had complained in writing about Christina Stamper’s habit of leaving security doors unlocked on our side of the building, and spoken to Agostino about it when he’d come to collect rent. I’d also frequently heard her screaming to (or at) several of the many visitors to the building and George Pollington. She was always screaming at George.

Wednesday November 14, 2018 – Agostino delivered a Notice of Entry for a bed bug treatment on November 22, 2018 (Doc 229)

Friday November 16, 2018 – At approximately 5:30 pm I was accosted by Richard Pollington, who was apparently upset by the complaint I had made on November 12, 2018. Mr Pollington screamed incoherently at me on the front deck of the building until I told him to “fuck off” and closed an interior door. No complaint was made to the landlord, as previous complaints had been ignored. I didn’t get any of it on video.

Wednesday November 21, 2018 – We had a visit from Steve Susnik, a Public Health Inspector from the City of Hamilton (AR 121).

Fig 62 – 20181121_115355

Marie had called a few days before to see if the City could encourage John to treat the building, rather than just our unit. I showed him the infested areas, he gave me some literature on bed bugs. We shared our suspicion that the unit below us (the Pollingtons’ unit) was infested and wasn’t being treated professionally. At the end of the conversation, he says he will try to inspect Richard Pollington’s unit. He did, and Richard refused to let him inside. Agostino later said it was because Richard was still asleep, and it was too early in the morning. The health inspector left our unit at 11:20 am. Marie and I continued to prepare our unit for treatment (Vid 51).

Around 6 that evening, I called Agostino to discuss a few things about the treatment. I reminded him that the exterminator would be recorded while in our home, and asked him to notify any workers coming to the unit that would be the case. Agostino was also given warning that we would be asking the exterminator to produce his license and that the information would be recorded. Agostino then insists that the exterminator is “working for you, ‘cause you need the service”. Agostino then demands to be notified that the conversation is being recorded, saying “You should tell me before I talk”. Agostino had been aware that I recorded our conversations, and had been notified in writing of that fact in February, 2017 and several times since. Agostino then tells us that there is a report “that tells you what you are doing wrong” and informs me that I will see the report “at the next hearing”. There is also some discussion about Richard Pollington.

Thursday November 22, 2018 – The unit was treated for bed bugs. Agostino came along (Vid 52), I had a camera on a strap around my neck, leaving my hands free. I also complained to Agostino about a pumpkin that had been left rotting on the front deck of the building after Hallowe’en. The pumpkin was left by the Stampers (Christina, her son Jeremie (AKA Jeremy) Stamper and her husband Ron Stamper). (Figure 64).

Fig 64 – 20181122_103130

(Nothing was done about the pumpkin until it rotted down to a puddle of mush, in the second week of December) (Figure 65).

Fig 65 – 20181211_110949

I didn’t know it at the time, but later that evening, Marie had also called Agostino about the loud music coming from Richard’s apartment. This was a regular event in our building and we had complained before (AR 123).

Friday November 23, 2018 – I was approaching the building from the east side when I was again accosted by Cristina Stamper, who was also apparently upset by my complaints of November 12 and 22, 2018. She screamed at me for about 15 seconds, then I told her to fuck off and leave me alone. As I went up the steps to my front door I said to myself “What a mouth on her”, which is obsolete military slang meaning “She has a very loud, piercing voice.” Her son, Jeremy Stamper was coming out of the front door on the 97 side and heard the comment. I had never had any interaction with Jeremy Stamper (or Ron Stamper) before this incident. It is the first part of Vid 53.

A transcript of the conversation follows:

Jeremy Stamper: Are you recording me dude?

P Bosch: Yeah, I am.

Jeremy Stamper: You’re gonna disrespect my mother and then fuckin’ record me?

Christine Stamper: Just leave it Jeremy, he’ll run to Auggy.

P Bosch: Leave me the fuck alone, kid.

Jeremy Stamper: I’m not gonna fuckin’ touch you. But you just watch your mouth again.

P Bosch: Shut your yap and go away.

Jeremy Stamper: Yeah, see? Don’t touch him. See that folks? Don’t touch him, but yet he’s yappin’ his fuckin’ mouth. What a fuckin’ looser you are. Get the fuck in your house, bro. You think I’m jokin’? Give me the death stare. Go run to the fuckin’ landlord, bro.

P Bosch: Who are you?

Jeremy Stamper: I’m her fucking son!

P Bosch: That woman who was screaming at me a minute ago?

Jeremy Stamper: Yeah.

P Bosch: That one.

Jeremy Stamper: And you just fuckin’ came out and said fuckin’ she’s got a mouth on her right in front of me.

Christine Stamper: Jeremy, leave him!

P Bosch: I was talking to myself. Now fuck off.

Christine Stamper: Leave him!

Jeremy Stamper (to CS): Fuck this asshole, I’m gonna punch him out.

Christine Stamper: No you’re not. He’ll run to Auggy.

Jeremy Stamper: I don’t give a shit.

Christine Stamper: He’s recording you!

Jeremy Stamper: I don’t give a fuck! I’m not touchin’ him! (to PB) What? Give me the death stare again. You like, you got a fuckin’ dumb look on your face. What’s wrong with you.

P Bosch: PB: I’m just absolutely amazed that someone I don’t know …

Jeremy Stamper: Absolutely dumb as fuck.

P Bosch: Yeah.

Christine Stamper (to RS): I just got back from Rick’s.

Ron Stamper: Jeremy! What’s the problem?

Jeremy Stamper: You best get rick out here, yo.  

Ron Stamper: Why? What’s the problem?

Christine Stamper: Just go in the house, leave him alone.

Ron Stamper: What’s the problem, Paul?

Christine Stamper: And I’m gonna have him charged for recording us.

Jeremy Stamper: Yeah, I know.

Ron Stamper: Hello.

(Jeremy throws coffee)

Ron Stamper: Oh that was a smart move, Jeremy!

Christine Stamper: What’d he do?

Ron Stamper: Threw his coffee.

P Bosch: He just threw his coffee in my face.

Christine Stamper: He’ll call the police.

P Bosch: That’s exactly what I plan to do.

RS: Why were you out there anyways?

In this video Jeremy Stamper commits two offences, Uttering Threats (“I’m gonna punch this fucker out”) and Assault with a Weapon. He was only charged with Assault with a weapon. Police were notified. Note Jeremy’s use of profanity directed at his mother, and his belligerent and disrespectful attitude towards her. After Jeremy Stamper threw his coffee in my face, I went inside and called police. The audio recording of that call is the second part of Vid 53.

Jeremy Stamper was removed from the building in custody and police informed me that he had been charged with assault. A video recording of the assault was provided to police. (June 11, 2020 – This incident will be part of a private complaint which will be filed when Ontario has a functioning court system again. Jeremy should have been charged with uttering threats as well as the assault. One of the charges on the private complaint will be s. 264.1(1)(a) of the Criminal Code. There will be numerous other charges in that complaint dealing with incidents that happen later).

It is important for the reader to understand that I had had no interaction of any kind with Jeremy Stamper until this video was made. I didn’t know him, or care to know him, before this. I didn’t even know his name. The Occurrence Details Report, General Report, Supplementary Report, Witness Statement, Call Log (of 911 call), Witness Statement, and Officer’s Notes are Doc 231. Jeremy Stamper was not charged with Uttering threats because both officers who viewed the video and myself missed the threats when the video was viewed (third part of Vid 53). So did the Crown Attorney prosecuting the case.

Jeremy Stamper also gave an undertaking to the officer who arrested him, agreeing not to communicate with me, and to stay off the 99 East Ave property (our side of the building). The officer who arrested Jeremy only told me about the condition that Jeremy not communicate with me. I was never informed that Jeremy was also barred from the 99 side of the building (Doc 232).

Richard Pollington sided with Jeremy Stamper when questioned by police, stated that he had witnessed the event and that I had “egged on” Jeremy and asked to have me charged with an offence for making a video of the assault. (The video of Christina Stamper and Richard Pollington speaking to the officer is the fourth part of Vid 53. The sound quality is very bad, but I could hear their conversation.)

Apparently, Mr Pollington believed that recording a video without the subject’s permission was a crime, a belief apparently shared by Ms Stamper (who can be heard saying “I’m gonna have him charged for recording us” just before her son throws the coffee) and John Cerino, who had previously complained to police about our lensing his actions in our unit. Richard Pollington did not witness the incident. Seconds before the assault Jeremy Stamper can be heard saying “You best go get Richard, yo.” to his mother Christina. At the end of the video recorded on my cell phone (first part of Vid 53), the camera sweeps the area in front of the building. Richard Pollington is nowhere to be seen. A short clip has been slowed to 1/5 original speed (Vid 53a).

The officer also confirmed that they had asked for me to be charged when he came back to speak to me after this video was made. That interview was the fifth part of Vid 53).

Ricard Pollington’s statement from his private complaint (Doc 233) regarding this incident is below:

Doc 233 – 2018-11-23 – Statement of Richard Pollington – Crown Disclosure – 4711-998-19-1055

Richard Pollington’s statement regarding these events from his Section 810 complaint (Doc 234) is below:

Doc 234 – 2018-11-23 – Statement of Richard Pollington – Section 810 Hearing Disclosure

Christina Stamper did not include a statement in Richard Pollington’s private information, but included one in the Section 810 complaint (Doc 235) is below.

Doc 235 – 2018-11-23 – Statement of Christina Stamper – Section 810 Hearing Disclosure

Their statements cannot be reconciled with the recordings of the events.

Jeremy Stamper was released on recognizance, and a promise to appear (Doc 236) on December 13, 2018.

Christina Stamper’s testimony about these events from Pollington’s Section 810 Hearing on February 25, 2020 follows:

RP: On November 23, 2018 what can recall that day?
CS: Oh, very much so.
RP: Go ahead.
CS: Uh, well, Mr Bosch proceeded to call me a loud mouthed bitch, out front. Uh…my son came out and defended me, and Mr Bosch continued to be filming everybody in the duplex. So my son came out and defended me, Mr Bosch provoked him and provoked him and provoked him and then he threw a quarter cup of coffee on him and he had my son charged uh quarter cup of coffee, with assault with a weapon, which this honour was on the bench for.
RP: Uh, go back to September, uh, the long holiday weekend. What happened that day?

And later on cross examination:

PB: On November 23rd, to November 23rd, you claim that I called you a loudmouthed bitch?
CS: MMmm, hmmmmm
PB: Uh, can you explain the circumstances under which that came about? What was going on?
CS: Yeah, very much so. I had asked you…
JP: Hold on. Hold on.
CS: Thank you.
JP: This is not an issue with respect….what is the relevance between those utterances and the matter at issue? What you called madame or what she called you are not matters before this court. Why would you want that information?
PB: I understand that your honour but what I’m doing is attacking her credibility. Ms Stamper has been explicit that she will take vengeance for my having her son charged with crimes for which he was convicted.
CS: {indistinct}
JP: Stop, stop, stop.
PB: And this is part of the complaint Sir. The November 23, issue.
JP: You’ve just added a whole bunch of information so {indistinct}
PB: Okay.
JP: The, the, you’re asking those questions to attack her credibility? Is that what your answer is?
PB: Yes Sir, it is.
JP: Okay, proceed.
PB: Okay. So, on November 23rd, you claim I called you a loudmouthed bitch, can you explain the circumstances that led up to my saying that to you, or you alleging that I said that to you?
CS: {indistinct} call the landlord to make sure you had a good story to tell him before you call.
PB: I’m sorry, I didn’t quite understand your answer.
CS: I said, I said to you, ‘Next time you call the landlord, make sure you have a good story to tell him”. And you called me a loud mouthed fucking bitch.
PB: Okay. So, as I was approaching the building, I said to you….
CS: No, you were up on the porch when you said it to me.
PB: I was up on the porch.
CS: Um hmmm.
PB: Okay, and where were you?
JP: Okay, I’m getting the gist of this matter, lets move on. We’re not here to go through individual detailed items of what was said and not said. Madame said that she had made certain utterances, that you made certain utterances and you indocated , and we’ve heard that utterances were made by others. Let’s move on please.
CS: {indistinct}
PB: I’d like…
JP: Stop. Stop. Stop. I’m not interested in your son’s case. And by the way, just on that matter, madame you made an utterance that uh, I was uh, on the bench for. I don’t recall ever sitting on something, and it could be, I’m not saying it could be, I don’t recall…
CS: {indistinct}
JP: Don’t say anything. With respect to a stomper, but, does anyone have any issue with me proceeding on this matter {indistinct} the utterances that madame has made?
PB: I’m sorry your honour, I don’t understand your question?
JP: Madame has indicated that there was an incident in which her son threw a cup of coffee against you, apparently, that police were called and charged him with an offence. And that I was the one that was on, according to madame, I was on the bench, I assume, she
CS: Not for that one your honour.
JP; What…what then?
CS: You were on court for his breach, courtroom 100,
JP: So I was on the bench dealing with this matter, Does anyone have an issue with me dealing with this matter as a result that I have dealt with a matter that has some type of connection to this matter, and I do not recall that matter. That’s my question.
RP: I don’t have a problem your honour.
JP: Do you have any issue with me proceeding?
PB: No your honour I don’t.
JP: Okay, thank you. Proceed then please.

I couldn’t hear Christina Stamper very well (and next time it happens I plan to bring that up. These people are very effective at hiding their lies, and I think this is a tactic intended to do just that. Christina Stamper is more than capable of projecting her voice. She chose not to.

Monday November 26, 2018 – My father passed away. I left town on November 28, 2018 for my father’s funeral, and did not return until December 1, 2018.

Friday November 30, 2018 – Marie called Agostino to make an appointment to collect the rent (AR 124). Marie also complained about an incident earlier that day in which Christina Stamper accosted her on the west lawn of the building (Doc 237). Agostino tells Marie to discuss the matter with Christine Stamper. Marie refuses and adds that Richard also joined in the harassment. Agostino promises “I will mention it to her. Okay? Are you happy?”

June 12, 2020 – Some of the incidents in this chapter will be part of private complaints against Agostino Cerino (for criminal harassment, criminal mischief and perjury (Section 131)), Christina Stamper (criminal mischief, criminal harassment, uttering threats, public mischief and perjury (Section 131)), and Richard Pollington (criminal harassment, criminal mischief, assault, public mischief (Section 140 (1)), perjury (Section 131), fabricating evidence (Section 137) and obstructing justice (Section 132)), Cora Mitchell (Section 137, fabricating evidence), John Cerino (assault, criminal harassment, criminal mischief, public mischief, fabricating evidence, obstructing justice (Section 132) and perjury and Joseph Kazubek for fabricating evidence (Joe hasn’t made an appearance in the story yet). A lot (not all) of the evidence will be posted on this blog. Not all of the charges listed are connected to the events of November 2018. Those complaints will be filed when we have a functioning court system again here in Ontario, and these posts will be updated.

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