Marie spent the days after the hearing recovering from her migraine attack.

Monday October 1, 2018 – Agostino arrived to collect the rent (Vid 47). He came alone and there were no incidents. He also says “John gave you another present” and handed Marie an N1 Notice of rent increase (Doc 221). The Notice is signed by, and apparently filled in by, Richard Pollington.

There was a postal strike looming at the time, so the LTB emailed the Interim Order on October 1, 2018 (Doc 223). A copy of the Interim Order (Doc 220) was attached.

Sunday October 14, 2018 – Agostino served us with a Notice of Entry for October 16 and 17 (Doc 222). The Notice does not conform to Paragraph 7 of the Interim Order (Doc 220). It also infers that Richard Pollington would be entering the unit.

Tuesday October 16, 2018 – John arrived with Roy and Agostino (Vid 48). Paragraph 5 of the Interim Order (Doc 220) was the second casualty; John began speaking to me the second I opened the door. He continued even after I tried to remind him of the terms of the order.

John continued his antagonism, false accusations of criminal behaviour and bullying manner, despite several warnings, until he was asked to leave. He ignored the request. When it was rephrased as an order, John ignored it. So did Agostino. When I finally called police, John loudly acted as though the request to leave was a surprise to him.

The video from the camera on the strap around my neck continues in Vid 49, after John leaves the unit. There are numerous offences against the RTA in both videos. In the second video, Agostino repairs the kitchen window, finally satisfying the Compliance Order written in January 2017 (Doc 043). He also gives me the old lock from the bathroom window, stating that it was the lock that had been there when John purchased the building. John was ordered by the LTB to replace the locks in 2011 (Doc 017).

Wednesday October 31, 2018 – I spent the day away from East Ave S, and returned about 9:30 pm. I do not recall any interaction with Richard Pollington or Christina Stamper on that day.

Richard Pollington’s statement dated October 31, 2018 from his private information (Doc 224) appears below:

Doc 224 – 2018-10-31 – Pollington – Private Complaint

Pollington’s statement from his Section 810 complaint (Doc 225) does not bring any clarity, except to define the “we” in the above version.

Doc 225 – 2018-10-31 – Pollington – Section 810 Complaint

There was no statement from Christina Stamper in the private information, but she did provide one for the Section 810 complaint (Doc 226), shown below:

Doc 226 – 2018-10-31 – Stamper – Section 810 Complaint

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