Tuesday May 1, 2018 – Agostino arrived to collect the rent (Vid 38), accompanied by Richard Pollington. This time, there was a problem. Marie complained to Agostino once again about the unlocked door in front of the building. Marie had been a witness against a man convicted of attempted murder (for stabbing his wife in the street in broad daylight in downtown Hamilton) and this individual was due for release after serving his full sentence. She had a valid concern for her safety, and Agostino was aware of the circumstances. Agostino says he will “try and keep them locked” in reference to the doors. When I attempted to complain about Richard Pollington’s behaviour on the 29th, Richard became aggressive, raising his voice, wagging his finger, and approaching in a hostile manner. Marie closed the door before the situation escalated.

As a result of the conversation, I mailed a letter to John Cerino’s address, and delivered a copy by sliding it under Richard’s front door (Doc 197). The letter reads:

01 May 2018

Mr. John Cerino & Mr Agostino Cerino

#1-6 Acorn St, Hamilton, ON L8L 5Y6

Mr Cerino, 

We are writing this letter out of concern about the actions of your agent, Richard Pollington, and the tenants in Unit #1 of 97 East Ave S.

The tenants in Unit 1 of 97 East Ave S frequently visit Mr. Pollington’s unit, using their key to enter the foyer and pound on Mr. Pollington’s door. The noise is disturbing, and the front door of the foyer is almost always left unlocked after such a visit, creating a safety issue. Ms Ball spoke to the tenant in Unit 1 of 97 East Ave S, and was met with open hostility and a refusal when she asked that the door be left locked. When Mr. Bosch spoke to Mr. Pollington about the issue, the response was the same. After we spoke with Agostino last month about the matter, we were informed that the door would remain locked. There have since been a number of incidents where the door was left unlocked.

On Sunday, April 29, 2018, Mr. Bosch was unloading several boxes from a vehicle parked at the side of the building, Mr. Pollington pulled up in his vehicle, got out and began screaming at Mr. Bosch, threatening to call police for parking at the side of the building. The driveway at the side of the building is a common area, available to all tenants. When Mr. Pollington was informed of this, he continued screaming and creating a scene. There have been other incidents in the last few weeks where Mr. Pollington has created a disruption, and numerous instances where Mr. Pollington’s guests have created a disturbance.

We believe Mr. Pollington’s actions are encouraged by John Cerino, due to statements made by Mr. Pollington during one of these incidents. Mr. Pollington apparently feels he is immune from consequences because “The landlord told me I could. You can’t do nothing to me.”

If this behavior continues, legal action may be taken against Mr. Pollington and, as he is your agent, yourselves.


Paul Bosch / Marie Ball

Nothing came of our complaint, except Richard resumed his prior habit of greeting me with muttered profanity, or screaming insults as he encountered me in and around the building.

Sunday May 6, 2018 – There was a loud gathering in the driveway of the building, just below our living room window. I called Agostino to complain (AR 110), and took a couple of pictures to document the event (Fig 58 and Fig 59).

Richard Pollington’s statement from his private information regarding these events (Doc 198) shown below is puzzling to me, since this incident did not involve Richard Pollington in any way that I know about, other than him not putting a stop to the noise (which was his obligation as the building superintendent). I wasn’t aware that Jeremy Stamper was a tenant (there was a lot of traffic to the Stampers’ unit, and I didn’t keep track of faces) which is why I thought he was a guest of Richard Pollington.

Doc 198 – 2018-05-06 – Pollington Private Complaint

The “new tenant” was Jeremy Stamper (we didn’t know his name at the time). The music was loud and screechy, the conversation was also loud and consisted of racist, homophobic political rants (you couldn’t call it dialogue) that alternated between nauseating me and pissing me off (and there was no way to avoid hearing it, short of leaving the property). If Jeremy and his friends wanted to talk like Nazi douchebags, they could, but I didn’t want to have to listen to it.

Pollington’s statement from his Section 810 complaint (Doc 199) does not bring any clarity to the matter,

Doc 199 – 2018-05-06 – Pollington Section 810 Complaint

Monday May 7, 2018 – Saturday May 12, 2018 – Richard Pollington resumed his habit of shouting “asshole”, “fag” or other insults from a distance. There were two or three times that Richard forbade me to use the front lawn, or the driveway. Once he insisted that I walk a specific route only when entering or leaving the building. Pollington must have had a bad week; he was acting like a lunatic.

Sunday May 13, 2018 – Jeremy Stamper and crew worked on their vehicle in the driveway again. The noise and conversation were at the same level as the week before. Neither one of us bothered to complain. When I left the building in the early afternoon, the whole crew stopped what they were doing and stared at me silently. Pollington was outside with them; he took a couple of pictures of me on a cell phone with a pink cover. It was a bit creepy, but I ignored it and walked away from the building.

Monday May 14, 2018 – I called Agostino to express my concerns (AR 111), and to tell him that if Richard accompanied him to the door to collect rent, we would not open the door. Agostino resisted the idea of using another witness than Richard.

Sunday May 20, 2018 – The same crew (I think) was working on the vehicle in the driveway. The noise was better, but still disturbing.

Tuesday May 22, 2018 – I dropped off a flash drive and some documents as disclosure for our applications at Yakhni’s office. Receipt was acknowledged by email (Doc 182).

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