Friday November 3, 2017 – Thursday November 30, 2017 – There was occasional activity in Unit #1 on the 97 side of the building. Agostino and assorted workers were in and out of the unit on weekends, and Marie mentioned to me that she had seen Agostino in and around the building during the day on several occasions. Richard Pollington would occasionally extend his middle finger when I was in the vicinity, shout insults {mostly things like “welfare bum”, “asshole” or “nobody wants you”. Richard doesn’t have the intellectual capacity for creative insults, so it was easy to ignore at first. Besides, despite his antagonism and hostility, I still had some sympathy for Richard Pollington at this point (which was rapidly dissipating). John had Richard in a tight spot. We just didn’t want to deal with him, especially after he’d called police on April 7. 2017. I kept ignoring it, waiting for Richard to notice the fact that I was leaving every Monday to Friday in the morning, dressed in a company uniform, and returning in the evening. He never did, and continued using denigrating language about me being a “welfare bum” until July of 2019, when I finally pointed out to him that I had a job. The comments disparaging recipients of social assistance bothered me, for a lot of reasons, but I don’t recall ever reacting to them before July 2019, other than once telling Richard to “fuck off and leave me alone”} and once forbade me to use the front door of the building “after dark” as I was returning home from work. Apparently he objected to the noise I made opening the security door leading upstairs. I hadn’t been doing anything differently than I had since October of 2015, so once I understood what he was talking about, I told him it was common area, and walked through the door and closed it as he was speaking.

Wednesday November 29, 2017 – I had been back and forth to a job site located across the street from 6 Acorn (John Cerino’s address) for about a week, and had noticed some Property Standards violations on the property (to put it mildly). There had been discussion at a tenant’s advocacy meeting about the particular problems associated with unlicensed rooming houses and lack of Property Standards enforcement at one address in particular (which was eventually corrected after it became part of ACORN’s slumord tour. {This video features Joseph Kazubek, who was running for Ward 7 City Councillor. He’s currently John Cerino’s paralegal. I guess losing the election changed his mind about slumlords} ). So, I volunteered John Cerino again and called in a complaint to Property Standards. That (eventually) resulted in enforcement action (Doc 318), and John selling the building after it had been condemned.

Saturday December 2, 2017 – At 10:00 my roommate called Agostino to tell him we had the rent and he could collect any time. He was already on the way.

A half hour later, he collected the rent (Vid 33). He brought Richard Pollington along as a witness, but Richard was quiet and well behaved so neither of us objected to him being there. We just didn’t want to deal with him as the landlord’s agent. We paid our rent (with some inconsequential chit chat) then Agostino raised the subject of the rent increase. Marie had not remembered the N1 (Doc xxx) that John had served on September 29 (which is why she said we hadn’t received it), but I did. We agree to put the extra amount on my receipt. Marie and Agostino discuss arrangements for paying January’s rent, then Marie wished him “Merry Christmas” and ends the conversation. We both ignored Richard Pollington.

Sunday December 3, 2017 – Sunday December 31, 2017 – Richard Pollington would occasionally mutter “fag”, “welfare bum” saying “There’s something wrong with you” or some other insult as I passed him in and around the building. There was a lot of traffic in and out of the lower unit on the 97 side, and they’d usually park in the building driveway. John was around the property several times, acting like John. Some of the crew he had with him took up Pollington’s habit of calling me “faggot” as I passed. I didn’t document any of it, it seemed like school yard BS. But it was starting to bother me. It tapered off around Christmas.

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