Thursday, August 3, 2017 – My rooomate and I both planned to have one of us home all day on August 3 to deal any entry. At 10:30, Agostino called (AR 87).

AR 87 – 2017-08-03 1031 – Conversation Agostino Bosch – 2017_08_03_10_31_12894892913_In

A transcript of the conversation follows (Doc151):

PB: Yes?
AC: This is Agostino, how you doin’ today?
PB: Not too bad, what’s up?
AC: {indistinct}, Okay I got good news. I don’t think we’re coming in today, he’s…he’s waiting for a call back on the inspector.
PB: Okay
AC: He doesn’t know for sure about the entry so…today or tomorrow he doesn’t know for sure. He’ll call back on Monday.
PB: Okay.
AC: So I assume the day’s yours right? Do whatever you like, all right?
PB: Okay. All right. Well….
AC: If anything changes, I’ll call you, right?
PB: That’s what I was gonna ask, okay.
AC: Not a problem, all right?
PB: All right, thanks Agostino.
AC: If anything else, you can do something for yourself, maybe. If you get ahold of that inspector, and ask him to call you before they come, that would be good too, eh? That way you could be ready for them, eh? They’ll give you a day’s notice or something, right?
PB: Well yeah, he was supposed to do that anyway, he was supposed to call as he was coming over and …he was supposed to come over sometime…sorry, he was supposed to call sometime today. I don’t know if he’s coming over.
AC: Yeah. He’ll probably make arrangements today with you right?
PB: Yeah.
AC: They might do it this week, it might be next week, you never know with these guys right?
PB: Well, I just want it passed and your brother out of {indistinct}
AC: Well I know but you can’t push these guys. City people, they do whatever the hell they want. Well…
PB: Well you can, it just takes a lot of effort. You can push ’em Auggie, you just really have to push.
AC: Yeah I know. Then if you push hard then they become assholes to you.
PB: Yeah.
AC: {indistinct} for yourselves, right?
PB: Yeah I got no problem with that. Um, I just don’t want your brother showin’ up for some bullshit excuse and causing a ruckus again.
AC: Well I think this will be one of the last times he’s comin’ in if he comes at all, right?
PB: That works for us.
AC: Okay.
PB: All right. Thanks Auggie.
AC: I’ll talk to you later. Bye now.
PB: Bye now.

I didn’t have Steve Woods extension handy (every City employee has the same phone number with a four digit extension number) so I left a message on Shewfelt’s voicemail at 12:30 (AR 88). I’d had a few things to get done first.

Around 3:20, Steve woods called back on my cell phone (AR 89).

He told me he would come by on Tuesday, August 8, 2017 to inspect the work and check into the rest of my complaint (which he characterized as my “other” complaint.)

Tuesday August 8, 2017 – Woods came by to inspect the work done on the latest two compliance orders written by Donna May Lord after the June 30, 2017 inspection (Property Standards Order No. 17-117381 00 MLE (Doc 131) and Property Standards Order No. 17-117393 00 MLE (Doc 132)).

Here’s the video (Vid 25). Woods agrees with my opinion that John had called him to come look at the work early just to create a scene.

Woods did his paperwork (Doc 152), and would eventually write another compliance order (Doc 153) for the property ordering John to repair the cracked windows, but not the screens.

Doc 153-1 – 2017-08-30 – Property Standards Compliance Order – 97 East Ave South – 0001
Doc 153-2 – 2017-08-30 – Property Standards Compliance Order – 97 East Ave South – 0002

Well, I wasn’t living there, and my primary motivation in making the complaint was to see if the City of Hamilton would action it and, if so, see if John fixed the problem. A complaint for lac of screens has to be made by a tenant in residence. Cracked windows are anybody’s business. It doesn’t say that in writing anywhere I’ve found, but that’s the way the City of Hamilton views the matter. I’d heard a lot of stories about lack of interest by Property Standards about tenant complaints (except heat complaints. They action those.) “Complaint driven” enforcement is easy to tweak until the number of actioned complaints drops to match the available enforcement resources. The long term effects on rule of law aren’t good.

This would be John’s sixth compliance order for the year for the property from Property Standards.

Wednesday August 9, 2017 – Around 8 pm, as I was entering the building, Richard Pollington and another man I don’t know approached me. Richard said to the man “That’s him, the welfare bum.” The other man said “He’s just a fag. You gonna let a fag dis youse like that?”. I ignored it and went inside.

Calling me a fag pushed buttons. It took some effort to ignore it.

There was banging, car horns, a loud, hour long discussion in the front hallway (of a political nature and interspersed with profane descriptions of “that commie Paki raghead”, whoever (or whatever) that was. From the descriptions, I’m not certain the speaker was referring to another human being) and several metallic clanging sounds that I haven’t heard in the building before or since. It sounded like Pollington was doing construction in the unit but I doubt they were. There was a hearing the next day, so I chalked it up to escalating harassment before a hearing, as usual.

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