The day before had been exhausting, but mercifully short.

John was late again. At 10:57 am, there was a knock on our door. Here’s what happened (Vid 23). The highlight reel (which has John’s antagonistic behavior, or relevant conversation) is here Vid 23a. Notes on the contents of the video are here (Doc 315).

00:30 – John starts provoking when entering the unit. Agostino and John begin work. Work continues with minimal conversation until John leaves the unit at 24:50. John returns 10 seconds later, work resumes. John leaves the unit at 27:00, Agostino continues working.

30:31 – Agostino leaves the unit, he returns a few seconds later and tells Marie he has some steel wool for her (to repair hole in the baseboard by the door). He comments “I’ll wait for him {john} because he’ll cry if I leave”. There is conversation. Agostino informs us the kitchen window will not be repaired today, as it won’t be ready until Thursday. Marie ass Agostino to install the window without John along, Agostino agrees.

31:39 – John knocks and enters without waiting for an answer. Work resumes. Agostino leaves shortly after, John continues working.

40:40 – John begins whistling.  He continues for a short time then stops.

44:00 – John starts whistling, then stops after 45 seconds.

45:18 – John whistles over Marie speaking to me. When I ask her to repeat herself, saying “Couldn’t hear you over the whistling”, John whistles louder and continues for the next few minutes. Agostino returns to the unit.

49:20 – John leaves the unit, still whistling.

50:40 – Marie leaves for the day. Agostino continues working.

1:00:15 – I heard someone making a lot of noise coming up the stairs, so I turned the camera towards the door.

1:00:19 – John knocks, then opens the door without waiting for an answer.

Transcript follows: (SW is Steve Woods)

1:00:19 – {knocking sound at door, door opens}

JC: Hello. Can you get the camera on these guys? Cuz these are the nice guys from the city of Hamilton. Okay? And they’re gonna come up and inspect all the work I’ve done. Is that okay with you? I’m asking you a question, is that okay with you?

SW: Hi I’m Steve, I’m the guy you talked to yesterday.

PB: Hello Mr Woods.

JC: Is that okay with you?

PB {to SW}: How are you doing?

SW: Not bad. How’re you doin’?

PB: Quite well, thanks.

JC: {talking over PB} See how nicely he responds to my question? He’s…{mumbles} do the work?

SW: {to John} Yeah, yeah, yeah {waves his hand} Keep it civil.

PB: Come on in, Mr Woods.

SW: Thank you sir.

JC: {talking over SW} Thank you! That was really nice of him. He even answers questions. Okay, there’s my brother doin’ the work there, okay? Can you go over the first one for me? Which one do you want?

SW: Uh…bedroom. Repair a piece of vinyl flooring…

JC: That’s what we’re doing right now. Now, there was a little spot in the bedroom now too I fixed too {John hadn’t}. {indistinct} they were saying there wasn’t anything in the bedroom, anyways, Got the strip  down?

AC: Yes.

JC: This is the new strip,

SW: Okay.

JC: Okay. We’ll put it…He’s gonna silicone around the edges, that should be siliconed, k? That’s all that’s left. If you wanna come back and see it after it’s siliconed, that’s fine.

SW: Yeah, once you’re all done I’ll come up another…

JC: {talking over SW} You knock on the door, you ask him permission, ‘cuz, he’s the guy who has to let you in. Hopefully he lets you in, okay?

SW: Okay.

JC: {talking over SW}: So that’s the first step, okay? Now.. if we go there, let’s go to the next work order,

SW: Uh…living room.

JC: {mumbles} yeah. My brother’s just put a thing over it, here,…

SW: Okay.

JC: Clear coat, so he gotta put another clear coat on top,

??: No he just painted it don’t touch it because it’s wet.

JC: Yeah. Okay.

PB: Yes, you may move the ashtray John.

JC: Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t know I had to ask you. My brother put it there already and asked Marie if he could put it there, but I {indistinct}

PB: {talking over John} Move along Mr Cerino.


JC: Was I talking to you? I was talking to him. Can I…what’s the next order?

SW: Uh…{indistinct} hallway to kitchen.

JC: Okay, sub floor in the hallway to kitchen. I think we have to go up the back stairs because he won’t let me in this way so wha…

SW: Okay.

JC: …maybe we should go up the back stairs. That okay with you we go up the back stairs?

PB: If you’ll step out of the apartment for a moment I’ll lock the dog up and you may go into the hallway.

JC: Okay, we’ll …let’s go, we’ll all step out of the apartment…

PB: Just you John. The other two can stay…

JC: Well, I don’t like taking preference to every{mumbles} C’mon out.

PB: Your choice Mr Woods.

SW: That’s okay, I’ll just hang out here.

PB: That works.

JC: ‘Cuz if it’s good for me it’s good for you too. {Door closes, John keeps talking outside the door}

01:02:36-01:03:03 – {PB locks up dog in Bedroom 3}

01:03:03 – {Door opens}

JC: Can we go through now? Can we go through? Can we go through now?

PB: Hi Mr woods.

JC: I’m asking a question, can we go through now?

PB: Go ahead, John.

JC: Thank you. Needs to answer the question…

PB: Uh…the uh…one item on the work order was here, eh?

SW: Oh, did I pass it?

PB: Yeah.

JC: Well we were talking about the kitchen, so…uh, this isn’t the kitchen, so it has to get done yet, you see he won’t let me go from this side to this side so I have to wait for it to get done.

PB: {sighs}

JC: Now here, see that strip?

SW: Yup.

JC: I got pictures of it. We lifted the floor, there was two layer of half…not even half, two layers of quarter inch plywood…

SW: Okay.

JC: He tore those out, they’re garbage, right? The main sub floor underneath it, there’s the main sub floor, and another floor underneath that.

SW: That’s like five…what is there…?


JC: It’s unbelievable…but we took it out, we put in half inch plywood, went from beam to beam, screwed ‘er down two inch screws self tapping screws, they screw down…feel any soft spot? You check yourself.

SW: I wasn’t here before though.

JC: I know. Is there anything soft? I jumped on the floor.

SW: Doesn’t feel like it.

JC: You know what? Even before the repair was made, you know what I did? This is what I did before the repair was made. Watch. Watch, Watch this. {John jumps up and down}

SW: {indistinct}

JC: Yeah. No, no! Not after the repair! Before the repair!

SW: Okay. {indistinct}

JC: I know, it’s spongy but you’re not gonna go through the floor. K? It wasn’t a safety…

SW: {To PB} What do you think? Better than before?

PB: Yup, that works for us.

SW: Cool.

JC: Now that’s that part, okay. There’s the one spot there where I…

SW: Uh…outside door…we have this…outside door, minimize drafts …this guy? {gestures at door}

JC: That was done….that was done a long time ago.

SW: Okay.

JC: Absolutely. Absolutely.

PB: Uh, that’s not the door on the order though.

SW: No?

PB: No

JC: That’s a…that’s an outside door, isn’t it?

SW: {indistinct}

PB: That’s not the one that…

JC: {talking over PB} That’s a .. that’s an outside door isn’t it?

PB: That’s not the one…

JC: {talking over PB} It’s an outside door, isn’t it?

PB: …that Ms Lord was referring to.

SW: {indistinct} door.


JC: That’s the door {gestures towards door in kitchen}

SW: This one? There was a large gap here?

JC: This one we did. {indistinct}

PB: Well, I can show you the video of the inspection, but the door she was referring to was the uh, bottom of the stairs as you came in.

SW: Okay. I’ll do that {indistinct} when we go that way.

PB: Okay. The outside door of the building.

JC: That’s never been brought to our attention…

SW: The outside door.

PB: The outside door of the building on the front.

JC: That’s never been brought to our attention…

SW: But anyway, we’ll figure…I’ll talk to Donna.

JC: Okay. Not a problem {points at door} This is what Donna was referring to.

SW: Screen in the kitchen.

JC: Okay. I just pulled out the glass, I got it downstairs in the garage, so, we pulled it out yesterday, this was brought to my attention, the screen is fine, I pulled the window out because the latch was screwed.

SW: Yup.

JC: Now Brian at West Windows, do you know Brian? He the one that makes the aluminum windows.

SW: I don’t know him.

JC: He’s around the corner on West Avenue.

SW: Okay.

JC: Anyway, he’s the only g..only guys in Hamilton.

SW: That makes wooden windows?

JC: No.

SW: Aluminum windows, right?

JC: I just called him this morning, I got his number here, he called me back, anyways ah, we need ah, the latch fixed so this thing can go up and down.

SW: For the…

JC: yeah, there’s a glass that goes in here, it’s not…I’ll show ya

SW: Oh the glass…okay, yeah yeah, it’s the storm {indistinct}

JC: Yeah, yeah.


SW: Okay.

JC: So, I gotta repair the latch. So…

SW: Oh, okay.

JC: He’s on holidays till Thursday, Friday, I just called today, right? So when he gets back, uh, he will uh…address this issue. But I’ll show you the window downstairs I pulled it out yesterday. All right?

SW: Uh, broken and cracked windows. Any in here?

JC: No, those were all done a long time ago.

PB: No that’s for unit one downstairs on that work order, that’s

SW: I did that one yesterday.

JC: {indistinct}


PB: No that’s on…

SW: Okay, there it is.

PB: That’s on the order. It’s downstairs though, it’s not here.

JC; Ah right. There you go.

JC: All right? You wanna go down to unit one {indistinct} Unit one’s a lot friendlier, they’ll let you in the whole place. Hey, Aug? There’s one more strip you have to put, come over here.

AC: What’s that?

JC: I wanted to…I wanted you to know before…because I didn’t know, he didn’t point that out, see, they put a curtain up so you can’t see stuff, okay, right over here…{to Agostino} hello….thank you for comin’ out.


SW: {to Agostino} You gonna let him…you gonna take that?

JC: Come here. See here? This piece of linoleum here? See how it’s lifted up?

AC: Yes, you need a piece of quarter round.

JC: Quarter round, right around quarter round right around nailed down, done, kay? That simple, right?

PB: You told him that yesterday, didn’t you?

AC: {to John} I’d be done if you’d leave me alone.

JC: I’m ju…How you makin’ out there? Ten minutes, fifteen minutes?

AC: Somethin’ like that.

JC: Okay. That’s what I wanted to know. ‘Cuz these guys are coming around to inspect the finished product, thank you.

SW: That’s all right. I’ll do a recap on Tuesday. {To PB} I’ll give you a shout tomorrow?

PB: Please.

JC: Okay, {door closes}

1:07:44 – Agostino continues working. I turn on the bedroom light so he can see better. Agostino advises me not to go near John. I replay that it’s hard to do when he insists on conducting repairs in person. Agostino completes repairs, and we discuss various subjects.

01:29:30 – John returns to the unit. He watches while Agostino completes the repair to the linoleum in the hallway.

1:32:30 – John informs me they will be returning to complete the repair to the kitchen window. When I as John if he will be entering the unit the next day or the day after, he becomes antagonistic until he leaves the unit at 1:34:00.

Agostino returned to the door a few minutes later and promised to call ahead if John were entering the unit the next day.

Officer Woods wasn’t supposed to be there until the next day, or so I thought. It turns out John had arranged an inspection by Property Standards before the work was completed. I suspect it was because John wanted another opportunity to manipulate the situation to create confusion and hostility. If so, it didn’t work out very well.

At the end of the day, John wouldn’t give a straight answer to the question “Will you be entering the unit again tomorrow?”.

I went downstairs about a half hour after they left. Agostino was weather stripping the front door (the correct door on the Compliance Order). While he was there, he put weather stripping on the inside door (and the front door of Pollington’s unit) which in winter has made a big difference in the air temperature of the hallway leading to our unit and the front foyer.

We had a short talk, in which Agostino expresses his opinion of the LTB proceedings and the member hearing the applications. The video is dark because there was no light on in the hallway. It’s here (Vid 24).

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