I didn’t bother to contact John’s paralegal about the Notice of Entry. It hadn’t done any good before.

As usual, John was late. At 10:35 there was a knock on our door. I answered it. John and Agostino were there, along with Richard Pollington. Here’s what happened (Vid 21). A summary of the contents of Vid 21 is below (Doc 312). (The highlight reel, Vid 21b, can be viewed by clicking on the link. It shows John’s antagonism, gaslighting and generally toxic behavior with routine conversation, repair work and periods of time when John was not in the unit removed).

00:15 – John begins speaking to me in a very condescending and antagonizing manner. He continues to be mildly antagonistic until approximately 2:30.

02:20 – John realizes Marie has the camera focused on me counting the money, so he decides to try and gaslight her. He then transfers the rent receipt from his right hand to his left hand, looks at Marie, and begins smirking at her and picking his nose. When Marie shifted the camera to focus on his face, John realizes it is being recorded and doesn’t follow through with his usual finish of eating it or wiping it off using whatever was close by. John used this technique many times in an attempt to elicit a reaction. I believe this is the only time we got that particular technique on camera. This time, we both ignored it. (Vid 21a)

03:30 – John still thinks there is work to be done in Bedroom 1. This time, he agrees to wait while I get a copy of the work order. He is dismissive and condescending towards Marie when she quotes the work to be done from the work order. He talks over her twice and begins humming loudly in the middle of the conversation.

04:15 – when I as John if he’s read the order, his answer is evasive. He does read some of it aloud, and explains to me his ‘Step Program’, which means that he plans to do the work in the order it appears on the work order. John spends 20 seconds condescendingly explaining his ‘program’, then spends another  minute reading through the order. 

05:30 – John goes back to being antagonistic.

06:00 – John asks to see “the ripped part” from the work order. He becomes increasingly antagonistic for the next minute. When I answered a comment by John, he responds that he’s talking to himself and doesn’t want to talk to me, he wants to work. When asked to work silently John says “I am doing it silently” and then continues to talk to himself.

07:00 – John changes his mind about speaking to Marie and begins antagonizing her. It continues for another minute. John again tries to exclude people from the conversation.

08:00 – John gives Agostino instructions on repairing the quarter round in the hallway.

08:30 – John leaves the unit to go around to the back door, with one last bit of antagonism.

10:00 – John gives Agostino instructions for removing the linoleum in the kitchen. Around 10:35 he tries to exclude me from the conversation.

12:00 – John is shown the sticking storm window. This is the second work order for that window.

13:00 – John asks me to stand back.

13:25 –14:30 –  John begins explaining his ‘chronological order’ for doing the work. It doesn’t make sense to me, so I told him to use the back door while working in the kitchen, and not to use the deck as a work area (he’d left a mess behind last time). John becomes increasingly antagonistic, and tries to exclude Marie from the conversation.

15:20 – John becomes antagonistic again, towards me. I turned my back on him.

15:34 – John performs for the camera.

15:45 – John starts observing Agostino work, the assists Agostino with the window.

17:00 – John becomes antagonistic when Marie brings him the metal strip. His comments are intended to provoke Marie, and when she responds he tries to exclude her from the conversation, saying “I’m not talking to you, I’m talking to my brother”. He then asks Marie to leave the room because he doesn’t want to talk to her. When I told him no, he argues. When Marie speaks, he then tries to exclude her from the conversation again, saying “I’m talking to Paul, now you’re interrupting again”. I told John “She’s part of the conversation, continue with your work” and he keeps arguing. Agostino didn’t speak a word during all of “conversation” John had with him.

18:32 – John performs for the camera when coming in the front door.

18:40 – John and Agostino begin measuring the linoleum between Bedroom 1 and 2. John gives Agostino instructions.

20:40 – John begins commentary meant to provoke Marie. When she responds, he tries to exclude her from the conversation claiming that he was talking to Agostino.

21:10 – Steve Woods (MLE) calls me on my cell phone. (AR 86). John continues to antagonize Marie.

21:45 – John and Agostino leave the unit.

22:30 – John and Agostino re-enter the unit through the kitchen door.

25:00 – John leaves the unit, whistling.

25:00 – 31:20 – Marie and Agostino talk about the weather being hot and other small talk.

31:20 – John returns to the unit. 

31:45-33:42  – Steve Woods calls me, so I left the room. Woods wanted a phone number for John, so I went back into the kitchen to ask John for it (I wasn’t sure I could read it from the contacts in my phone without hanging up on Woods). John becomes argumentative, so I tried searching my contacts. The phone didn’t hang up on Woods, so I gave him the number. John kept arguing.

33:55-34:55 – Woods calls John, and John makes remarks intended to provoke. He then leaves the unit.

35:10 – Marie says to Agostino “I’m sorry for you” (in reference to having to tolerate John’s behaviour) and Agostino replies “I can’t change the fact of what he is, or what he’s doin’, all right? It’s just the way it is, right?”. There is discussion of acceptable behaviour in our home. 

36:10 – Agostino leaves the unit briefly, returns, and says “Now I gotta wait for his highness to show up” and continues discussion of John’s behaviour towards Agostino. At 36:56 Agostino states “It’s his house, he can do what he wants”. I reply “It’s our home, no he can’t.” Agostino then clarifies that he was talking about repairs. Agostino continues discussion with Marie about John.

38:34 – Agostino describes John’s approach to repair.

42:40 – Agostino says “I don’t like that it’s gotten this bad. It shouldn’t have gotten this bad. This is not good.” in reference to the whole situation. 

43:00 – Agostino and I discuss his status as a landlord. 

43:40 – Agostino discusses John’s personality and his understanding of John’s position.

44:20 – I summarize our position.

45:00 – We both ask Agostino why Richard is involved in dealing with us at this point. Agostino replies that we’ll have to discuss it with John.

47:30 – Agostino leaves the unit.

48:24-53:00 – John and Agostino re-enter the unit and cut the linoleum, roll it back out of the way, and begin repairing the rotten wood underneath. John then leaves the unit.

53:05 – discussion between Agostino and I about rotten wood.

54:30 – Agostino claims to have never known about, or received, the LTB order requiring the leas in the bathroom to be fixed (from 2012) (Doc xx).

54:45 – John returns to the unit with a garbage bag to dispose of rotten wood.

56:45 – John leaves the unit.

58:00 – John returns with a circular saw, work resumes.

1:01:00 – John demonstrates how not to handle a circular saw when it’s live.

1:03:30 – John leaves the unit. Agostino and I discuss the cause of the soft spot in the floor.

1:04:25 – John returns to the unit. Work resumes. John helps a bit at first, then watches. 

11:16:25 – John leaves to make a phone call. Agostino continues working. 

We had to switch cameras after the battery was low in one, so the video continues (Vid 22). A summary of the contents of the video appear below (Doc 313). The highlight reel, Vid 22b, can be viewed by clicking on the link. It’s much shorter than the highlight reel from Vid 21; John was out of the apartment for a lot of this period.

0:00 – Video begins with us switching cameras while Agostino works.

5:00 – 10:30 – Marie asks Agostino’s opinion of the paint job in the living room. Agostino approves. Agostino continues to work while chatting with Marie.

10:30 –  – Agostino turns the discussion back towards John. He and Marie discuss quality of work until John returns.

12:40 -17:30 – John returns. Agostino continues working while talking to John. John leaves.

17:30 – 22:20 – Agostino continues to work, then leaves the unit.

22:37 – videos starts again, Agostino is working in the kitchen. Marie offers him ice water or coffee. He declines and continues working or chatting with Marie.

35:15 – 39:00 – John returns to the unit, whistling loudly. He discusses repair with Agostino.

39:00 – John and Agostino leave briefly to fetch tools.

40:00 – Agostino returns alone and begins working.

43:35 – John calls to Agostino from outside. Agostino leaves the unit.

44:00 – video resumes, Agostino working while chatting with Marie. Marie compares Agostino’s approach to being a landlord to John’s.  Agostino comments “John and his problems…”. Marie answers, “Yup. And he creates 90% of them himself.” Agostino replies. “Yup, he does”.

45:20 – Agostino continues work.

55:10 – 1:08:05 – John can be heard whistling outside the unit. John opens the door and comes inside. He stands over Agostino, watching him, until he walks over to the door, opens it and leaves at 1:08:05.

1:08:10 – 1:14:20  – Marie comments on John’s lack of help to Agostino. Agostino agrees. Agostino then continues working.

1:14:20 -1:22:00 – John returns, opens the door and enters. He then uses a camera to take photos of the repair to the kitchen floor. John then puts the camera in his shirt pocket, and stands over Agostino again, watching him work.

1:22:14 – 1:27:00 – John begins helping Agostino move tools. They replace the linoleum.

1:27:15 – 1:30:20 – John stands in the kitchen, staring at the floor. Marie and I both ignore him. Agostino returns.

1:30:30 – 1:47:00 – Agostino continues to work. John mostly watches.

1:47:10 – John announces “That’s all she wrote” and starts whistling shrilly. I asked John “Does that complete the repairs to the kitchen floor?”. John just continued whistling, so I asked Agostino. Agostino answers “You’ll have to ask John”. When I asked John if the repair is completed he responds “I don’t know.” John takes photos of the completed repair.

1:48:20 – 1:49:44 – John tries to antagonize me again and continues until he leaves.

1:50:05 – video resumes, Agostino is speaking. He tells us they’re done for the day.  I question their decision to stop (it was 14:30, early in the day) and Agostino says “It’s hot” and a bit later says “It’s hot, and I don’t want him in my face for awhile” {in reference to John}, “I don’t wanna be around John all day long”. We make arrangement for Agostino to come back the next day. I let Agostino know that if the repairs too longer than the next day I would complain to Property Standards, as there appeared to be very little work left to do. There is some discussion of repairs. Agostino leaves.

There is a lot going on in these videos. At the very least, John was finally doing some real work, rather than focusing mainly on antagonism and provocation. He is far better behaved on camera than off. John’s assault of me on July 18, 2017 had proven the necessity of recording videos whenever John was in or around our apartment. There are numerous instances of John acting in a provocative and/or antagonistic manner. He’s also very condescending, something particularly offensive to both my roommate and myself in our own home.

Note that John gives Agostino instruction about the quarter-round in the hallway by the front door. John will give Agostino nearly identical instructions the next day, as part of a show for a Property Standards officer (Steve Woods).

There was no reason for Richard Pollington to be there at the door with John and Agostino. John always brings a crowd with him.

The kitchen floor was repaired in under three hours, not the seven days John had claimed the job would take on February 1, 2017. The screenshots below (Fig 104, Fig 105 and Fig 106) show the rotten wood in the floor. They are screenshots from Vid 21.

My conversation with the Property Standards officer, Steve Woods, who called me early in the video is here (AR 86).

AR 86 – 2017-08-01 – Woods calls Bosch while John in unit – 2017_08_01_11_02_19055462424_In

I made arrangements with Mr Woods to come by to check the work after John had finished.

So at the end of three hours of John’s antagonistic behavior, the kitchen floor was finally fixed. At the end of the video, Agostino says he’s had enough of his brother for the day, and tells us they’re done for the day. The Notice of Entry specified a window for entry (if that’s what it was) of 10 am to 5 pm. They quit for the day at 2:40 pm. I don’t really blame Agostino, I had endured enough of John’s behavior for the day myself.

Agostino had called it quits early before (on May 16, 2017, June 1, 2017 and June 2, 2017) because he couldn’t tolerate his brother. Agostino would say things (off camera) that indicated John had problems working with anyone on a job site. 

It is important for the reader to understand that John’s antagonizing, belligerent, condescending behavior was the best behavior John had ever displayed towards us in our home to this point (or since. This was John on his best behavior. The camera seemed to have a positive effect).

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