Monday July 24, 2017 – I faxed an amendment to SOT-80393-17 (our T2 Application for Tenant Rights that had been filed with the LTB in March of 2017) to John’s representative (Doc 146). The amendment alleges numerous violations of the RTA and harassment by our landlord and his agents. After, I dropped off the Certificate of Service to the LTB (Doc 147).

Thursday July 27, 2017 – I spoke to Shewfelt by telephone. She’d just returned from vacation (AR 84).

AR 84 – 2017-07-27 – Shewfelt Bosch (R) 2017_07_27_10_23_19055462424_In

My notes for the day read as follows (Doc 148):

Spoke to Lynne Shewfelt. She informed me that Ms Lord was no longer assigned to the file, that Officer Steve Woods had been assigned. She stated that Cerino has not been given an extension. She also volunteered that if it were necessary to use City contractors to complete the work that the linoleum in the kitchen would be replaced only (no work would be done on the sub flooring). I found that a bit curious since neither of us knows what damage (if any) there is under the linoleum.

Friday July 28, 2017 – I went to City Hall and spoke to James McCleary (from the Mayor’s office) about my concerns. He advised me to email my concerns to the city manager and mayor. So I did, three days later (Doc 149). The email wasn’t answered for over a month, and only after some prodding on my part for an answer.

The same day, we received the hearing Notices for SOL-84218-17, the L2 eviction application our landlord had filed based on the two N5 Notices we had been served. The hearing date was August 10, 2017.

Monday July 31, 2017 – In the morning my roommate found a Notice of Entry that had been delivered by sliding it under our door sometime during the night (Doc 150).

Doc 150 – 2017-07-31 – Notice of Entry for 2017-08-01 to 2017-08-04

That makes 28 days of entry on 11 Notices of Entry since this began.

My roomate called Agostino to express her concerns about the notice. It didn’t do much good (AR 85).

AR 85 – 2017-07-31 0921 – call to Auggy about newest 24 hour notice

After the incident on July 18, 2017 I’d informed Yahkni that there would be cameras running if John entered the unit. We had stopped recording after May 17, 2017, using multiple witnesses and making notes instead.

John’s behavior had simply gotten worse after we’d stopped recording on video, and we were both wondering what he’d try next. The constant antagonism and provocation by John and Richard Pollington worried both of us. I had come to agree with Marie that John’s basic problem was NPD (rather than APD). John’s affect and words on July 18, 2017 had gone a long way towards convincing me she was right. John was also very fast, aggressive and had pliable witnesses on call willing to say (and apparently believe) whatever he told them to say. Recording him while he was in our home seemed more and more like a necessary precaution for our safety. We also agreed at this time not to allow Richard Pollington back into our unit under any circumstances short of an emergency repair where Richard was alone (we both knew John would likely never send Richard alone for any repair. Richard has almost no skill with tools or repairs). Richard had been increasingly erratic, antagonistic and hostile, over the last few weeks in particular.

That same day, we received the Hearing Notice for John’s L2 eviction application, SOL-84218-17 (Doc 314). The hearing was scheduled for August 10, 2017.

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