Thursday June 29, 2017 – Lynne Shewfelt called me to schedule another Property Standards inspection of the premises. I’d mentioned to James McCleary (and others) that there were some other issues with the apartment, including the soft spot in the kitchen floor.

Shewfelt and Lord came to the unit for the inspection. Again, Shewfelt appeared to be under the influence of an intoxicant. Neither of us (my roomate and myself) were particularly happy with the way the city had handled our complaint, or the fact that it was now 61 days past the deadline for the windows to be repaired. I’d been pushing for the city (in emails and in person) to send in contractors to do the work (which is what should have happened on May 15, 2017 after John left and refused to continue the work). I’ll fill in the details of the City of Hamilton’s methods of dealing with a complaint about a Property Standards officer a bit later. (To sum it up, the city adopts a CYA approach. It’s the tenant’s fault, always).

The inspection is here (Vid 20).

Vid 20 – 2017 06 30 Bylaw Inspection

As usual, we were given no information about any enforcement action on the Compliance Orders issued in January 2017. Nobody would tell us what was going on. Shewfelt spent a lot of time wagging her finger in our faces, which was annoying, and talking over Marie, which was also annoying. At least she wasn’t incoherent this time.

This inspection resulted in two Compliance Orders written on July 5, 2017. One (17-117381 00 MLE) (Doc 131) was for the lights at the entrance, the handrail and some rotted wood on the deck, to paint the deck (long overdue) and to repair the “walkway” at the south side of the building. That “walkway” had been made by digging holes and pouring cement into them.

Doc 131 – 2017-07-06 – Property Standards Compliance Order – lights, handrail, etc – 97-99 East Ave S – 0001
Doc 131 – 2017-07-06 – Property Standards Compliance Order – lights, handrail, etc – 97-99 East Ave S – 0002

Another (17-117393 00 MLE) (Doc 132) was written for some deficiencies in the flooring, including the soft spot in the kitchen. On Dec 16, 2016 John had promised to fix it “in the spring”. It hadn’t been touched. It also ordered John to fix (again) the screen in the kitchen window (by screen, Lord meant “storm window”), to fix the gap under the door at the bottom of the stairs, and to replace all of the cracked windows in Richard Pollington’s apartment.

Doc 132 – 2017-07-06 – Property Standards Compliance Order – PS Issues – 97-99 East Ave S – 0001
Doc 132 – 2017-07-06 – Property Standards Compliance Order – PS Issues – 97-99 East Ave S – 0002

These would be the fourth and fifth Order to Comply written by Property Standards against 97-99 East Ave S, as a result of three complaints by me.

Saturday July 1, 2017 – John arrived to collect rent at 17:47, 47 minutes after the arranged time. As usual, he was antagonistic and argumentative. John tried to make an issue of a ripped $20 bill (AR 78).

I regret not running a camera for this encounter. A sociopath with his mask down is an interesting sight. Think of a three year old, spoiled bratty kid in a sixty-something year old man’s body.

Sunday July 2, 2017 – On Sunday, we had some friends over for a “painting party”, using the paint supplies Agostino had delivered, and some of our own that we’d purchased. The noise from the party in the driveway below (the Pollingtons’ “family barbecue”) was so loud we had to turn the volume up on the sound system to cover it. At times it was so loud we had to shout to be heard by someone in the same room.

A polite request to Richard to have his guests hold the noise down was answered with “Fuck you welfare bum” and something else I didn’t quite hear. The party ended around 1 am, with the usual drunken arguments.

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