The next few days were relatively quiet, aside from the banging, shouting and occasional car horn coming from the unit below (and the driveway). Richard Pollington was his usual cheery self whenever we passed in the front hallway, greeting me with “Fucking fag” on July 3, “cocksucker” on July 4, “fucking cocksucker” on July 4 again, and “idiot ” and “welfare bum” on July 5.

Tuesday July 11, 2017 – I was getting frustrated with the total lack of information from Municipal Law Enforcement, and my complaints being ignored by Jason Farr’s office staff (like MLE, they don’t seem to tell one another what’s going on, leave on vacation at random times and for random lengths of time, and seldom, if at all, return calls or emails in a timely manner.

My notes for the day read as follows:

Spoke to James McCleary at City Manager’s office. He called Shewfelt and relayed that the living room windows were fine, but the rest needed work. James promised me that Shewfelt would call today, and told me to call or visit him tomorrow if she didn’t. Nobody from the city manager’s office is there this week.

Wednesday July 12, 2017 – Shewfelt hadn’t called by the next morning, so I stopped into City Hall. My notes for July 12, 2017 read as follows:

Shewfelt did not call on 2017-07-11 so went back to city hall to speak to James McCleary. I asked him to make an appointment for me to see someone from the city manager’s office, James informed me that the rwo people who would usually be on staff at the manager’s office were on vacation. He then attempted to contact Shewfelt, but she was not answering her phone. I then told him I’d go over to Property Standards and “raise hell in person”When I went to property Standards, Shewfelt met me and we had a conversation during which she informed me that city contractors had been delayed. We were not informed of any delay. She then told me that contractors would be at the apartment that afternoon (July 12). When I told her that no one would be home she informed me that access to the unit would not be necessary. That seemed odd to me since the plexiglass in the windows could not be easily accessed from outside the unit so I asked Shewfelt what work would be done. She was emphatic that the contractors would not need access to the unit, and would not specify what repairs would be done, even when pressed. She did call the contractor, who told her they would be at East Ave that afternoon. I went there, and nobody showed up.

I hadn’t planned to be at home that afternoon, but changed my plans so that I could be at the apartment. Shewfelt’s assurances that no access to the unit was required to work on (or inspect) my roomate’s bedroom windows was nonsense. The windows in question are the two on the right in the photo below:

Fig 51

The only way to even inspect those windows up close without entering our unit would be to use a 40 foot extension ladder on the outside of the building. That seemed needlessly complicated when it was possible to examine the windows up close from inside the unit without bothering to go to the time and expense of setting up properly (which I assumed a City contractor would do, if ladders were needed. But they weren’t.) I was curious to see what, if anything, would actually happen. It was a rainy, miserable day, which made setting up ladders and working outside problematic. I arrived back at the apartment around 10:45, and waited until 4:50. Nobody showed up. By this point it was becoming clear that either 1) Shewfelt had no more idea what was going on than I did (which is possible. At this point there were a lot of chefs in City Hall working on this pot of soup), or 2) Shewfelt was buying time until the July 18, 2017 meeting with Jason Farr. It smelled like politics to me. At this point the repairs on the windows were 79 days past the deadline, and I’d raised a fuss at City Hall over the inaction (or as much of a fuss as can be raised by a citizen, as opposed to a taxpayer. Not much.)

Thursday July 13, 2017 – My notes for July 13, 2017 are below:

Left a message for Shewfelt at noon that nobody showed up the day before. I left her an easy out by blaming it on the weather and asked her to call back to let us know when the contractors would be by.
Two hours later, Officer Lord left a message on Marie’s phone that she wanted to make an appointment for Monday. I left a message on Lord’s voicemail that
Monday worked, and asked for a return call for information on time, and the work being done.

So, my roomate and I made arrangements to be home on Monday, July 17, 2017.

Friday July 14, 2017 – Shewfelt called me to let me know that the city contractors would be there that afternoon. Around 2 pm, Donna May Lord called my roomate to let us know that the contractors would be there on Monday.

My notes for July 14, 2017 read as follows:

Shewfelt called around 10:30 am to inform me that the contractors would be calling to make arrangements to come to the unit this afternoon. Shewfelt also stated that someone had been by the unit “the other day” and finally admitted it would be necessary to enter the unit to inspect/repair the windows.
Lord called around 2:00 to inform me that the contractors would be coming on Monday, July 17 at 10:30 am. Lord stated that the contractors would be looking at the windows and measuring only, and that no work would be done.

I wished these people would make up their minds.

I really don’t know why Shewfelt was so insistent that “someone” had been by to inspect the windows “the other day”. Nobody had, unless they’d inspected them from the ground (which would have been pointless).

Sunday July 16, 2017 – A Notice of Entry was delivered by sliding it under our door (Doc 133).

2017-07-16 – Notice of Entry-edited for blog

That makes 24 days of entry on 10 Notices of Entry since this began.

The bedroom closest to the driveway is my roomate’s bedroom. John’s insistence on entering my roomate’s bedroom every time he came to the unit was getting a bit creepy. As far as we knew, there was no more work to be done on that bedroom.

Monday July 17, 2017 – Donna May Lord rang the doorbell from outside the building. When I went down to open the door, Ms Lord was accompanied by a man in his mid-twenties, of East Indian descent, wearing a suit (high-end off the rack, with professional alterations to fit), manicured, and perfectly groomed. He was holding a tape measure in his hand, and was visibly nervous. It was clear to me that this man had never done manual labor for any length of time in his life, and wasn’t a tradesman. As we climbed the stairs to my apartment, he dropped his tape measure twice.

When we entered the apartment, Lord asked to see the bedroom windows. I asked if she would be inspecting the plexiglass installed in the kitchen window. Lord asked if I meant “polycarbonate” and was careful to refer to the window panes as “polycarbonate” during the discussion. Until then, she’d referred to it as plexiglass. Lord was under the impression that the bedroom windows were the only ones where plexiglass had been installed. In fact, it had been installed in the kitchen and bathroom windows as well. Shewfelt and Lord had both seen that on their inspection on June 30, 2017.

Once that confusion was sorted out, the man accompanying Lord measured the bedroom windows. He had difficulty operating the brake on the tape measure. It was clear he was unfamiliar with hand tools. He did not write down the measurements. When Lord asked him if was going to write down the measurements, he answered “No, I’ll remember them”. I don’t think he had a pen and paper.

Whoever that guy was, he wasn’t a tradesman and I really wonder what his job with “Steve Powers, the contractor” really was. I did ask for his identity in emails to city staff (posted in a later post), but never got an answer. Apparently it’s none of my business who the city sends to my house.

My notes for July 17, 2017 read (in part) as follows:

Donna May Lord came by with a young fellow from “Steve Powers, the contractor”. He wasn’t Steve. He looked at and measured windows. Ms Lord argued with {my roomate} that only her bedroom windows had plexiglass installed.

I also emailed Jason Farr’s office to confirm that the meeting with Jason Farr would take place as scheduled. (Doc 134).

Doc 134 – 2017-07-18-gmail-meeting-with-councillor-farr-and-staff

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