Chapter 13 – Thursday June 1, 2017 & Friday, June 2, 2017

Thursday June 1, 2017 – This time we brought a few witnesses along. Marie and I had discussed John’s erratic behavior and agreed to try letting John do the repairs without the cameras running.

My roomate had a theory that John was misogynistic, so she invited a few friends. It was a weird mob, even by the standards of our house, and included a transgender woman named Illona. Her tongue is razor sharp. I was looking forward a bit to John trying his usual antagonism in her presence, but it didn’t happen. John seemed unnerved by her, and it was clear to my roomate and I that Agostino enjoyed John’s discomfort.

John knocked on the door around 11:05 (late as usual) and came in to collect the rent. My roomate and I had agreed to not use the cameras, in an attempt to mollify John (it didn’t work). We did, however, make some audio recordings of the antics.

The audio recording of John collecting the rent is here (AR68):

AR 68 – 2017-06-01-1121 – Rent is paid – John argues

At this point, it was still a bit funny to watch a man of John Cerino’s age argue like a three year old. His comment “It’s about time” in regards to the rent outstanding from February was particularly annoying since we’d been trying to pay that rent for the last two months.

Once he’d left, John and Richard Pollington set up ladders outside my roomate’s bedroom windows (with John’s usual loud verbal abuse of Richard clearly audible inside the unit) and they began working. John spent the next couple of hours outside on a ladder, with nothing more than an occasional outburst of rage at his tools, and occasionally antagonizing Agostino. For John, he was quite subdued. Agostino worked on the window frames from inside the unit. Several times I heard Agostino tell John to correct unsafe practices (leaning away from the ladder while holding a bucket of caulking, standing on one foot with both hands free of the ladder and placing tools on a rung above his head are the three I remember. John is a complete lunatic when working at heights. The ladders were not properly tied off, he doesn’t use any fall arrest equipment, and he has temper tantrums while working.)

We did not make video recordings of John (or anyone else) during this entry. John did not enter the unit after he collected rent.

At 14:37 Agostino informed us that they were done for the day and left the unit. There was some shouting in the hallway, then Agostino came back inside the unit and informed us that John wanted to continue working until 4 pm. John and Agostino then spent 40 minutes setting up a ladder to one of the living room windows, spent 20 minutes working on it (and I have no idea what they were doing, it appeared they were disassembling part of the frame on the outside). Then they took down the ladder.

They left around 15:55. It took them the entire day to caulk and repair one window frame, and to start on another.

So far, there have been 16 days where John and/or Agostino have given notice to enter the unit to do repairs, and two days where Agostino entered without notice (and with our consent). It was becoming clear that John was using the repairs as an excuse to enter our unit, and harass and provoke while he was there.

Friday June 2, 2017 – John and Agostino arrived on the property at 11:06 am. They set up a ladder outside my roomate’s bedroom window and John’s first screams of the day could be heard outside the window at 11:15. John didn’t bother tying off the ladder, or having a second man steady it. John didn’t enter the unit, but my roomate and I could hear him loudly berating Agostino for not giving him the measurements needed to have replacement glass cut. That was a bit curious, since that particular window had been measured on May 15,2017 (by Agostino) , May 16, 2018 (by John) and June 1, 2017 (by Agostino again). So they measured it one more time, and John left to get a replacement pane. When he returned, he worked outside the unit on a ladder and spent the rest of the day berating Agostino. My roomate had to turn up the television to drown him out several times. Agostino got angrier and angrier at John, and the two of them squabbled for about an hour. Agostino told my roomate that he would never work with John on a ladder, because John was “crazy” when he was on a ladder. I don’t blame him.

At 15:50 Agostino informed me they were done for the day. I told Agostino that if the next Notice wasn’t specific about the areas of the apartment to which he needed access, then only the areas we reasonably expect to be worked on would be prepared. We were getting very tired of preparing the whole unit.

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