According to John’s Notice of Entry, he was due to arrive at 9 am. There wasn’t much preparation to be done, since it had already been done the day before.

So we waited.

At 10:55 am, my phone alerted me to an email. It was from John’s paralegal:(Doc 105):

Not very informative.

At 11:01 am, John and Agostino arrived on the property and knocked on our door, a little over two hours late and shortly after Vidywattie Yahkni sent the email above. I suspect Ms Yahkni took most of those two hours explaining to John why bringing a camera along to film us was a very bad idea (and I’ll expand on that in a later post). That must have been an interesting conversation.

Here’s what happened: (Vid 13a)

Vid 13a – 2017-05-16-11-07-john-enters-and-is-asked-to-leave-subtitles

A transcript of the conversation follows: (Doc 309)

PB: Ah….
JC: {indistinct}
PB: First off, are you accessing any area other than the bedroom?
JC: We’re gonna go through all the windows and measure the windows and take some windows apart. And whatever work we can do after that. Can I get in please? You just invited me in.
PB: Yes I did.
JC: Can I go in? Thank you.
PB: I’ll take it from here.
JC: C’mon in. Grab your tools Auggy.

PB: Ah, how many people are you bringing in?
AC: So far two. If there’s more I’ll notify you.
PB: Thank you.
AC: Hi Marie.
{Roomate}: Hello.

AC: Which one is the broken one?
JC: Both. This one here is cracked. This’s the one I started to measure yesterday.

JC: Right here. See…this…did they move it to the bottom one?
AC: Yup.
JC: And the top.
AC: That one won’t come out easy. Bottom one will come out.

JC: a little one there.
AC: It’s one I can pull up.
JC: Okay.
AC: See, that one on the bottom I can pull up.

JC: Somebody left an iron here. Whoever’s iron that is.
AC: Put it on the floor.
JC: I’ll put it right here. They put it there. I told them to leave this clear out of the way, but they didn’t do that. Okay.

JC: Take that strip out. We’ll do that.
AC: Okay.
JC: We’ll pull that out.
AC: We’ll pull that out, clean it up, measure it, replace it. All right?
JC: I’ll order the window as soon as we’re friggin’ done. K?

JC: By the time you have it out, I’ll have a piece of glass here.

JC: Here. This window here’s the bottom one in here.
AC: I’ll pull it off inside.
JC: So you can pull that one off next. Okay? I’m gonna go check the other room while you’re here.

AC: Which other room?
JC: Living room, check the window, actually, there’s one right here next door, right here.

JC: Okay. There’s nothing here. This window’s intact. It’s intact.

JC: This one’s good. No glass to repair here. Excuse me.

JC: Okay, I need to get behind the couch to look at those windows. I can go do the other ones while they’re there doing what they do.
PB: Uh, the animals are in the bedroom there. If you…

PB: If you can…
JC: Which one is next for you?
PB: Kitchen or bathroom, your choice.
JC: Whatever I get, I still will have to get to the other ones too.

PB: That’s fine. Let us know when, uh, when you’re done…
PB: ….with the other windows and we’ll…
JC: See how fast…
PB: …move the animals…
JC: See how fast I did those windows.
PB: Well…when you’re….
PB: When you’re finished with the front two bedrooms…
JC: That should give you an idea.

JC: I figured you’d do the math. K. Intact. Intact. Okay, you got some plastic on top, that bottom window needs repair. The one with the plastic on there. So, you’re gonna have to

JC: Bottom one here. That’s a sixteen. Sixteen by…thirty two.

JC: Sixteen by thirty-two. Okay .

JC: Sixteen…k….that one. This one’s intact, solid. Nothing cracked up there. Just the bottom.

JC: Corner one. This’ll be comin’ off. K. So…just the one.

JC: K. So it’s one window in the bathroom. Next room. Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me! Get out of my way please! Excuse me!
PB: Oop…Mr Cerino….

JC: Excuse me. Excuse me.

PB: Mr Cerino, I’m warning you. Don’t…
JC: I said ‘excuse me’.
PB:…disrespect me in my home.

JC: I’m not disrespecting you. Did I say excuse me? Did I say excuse me?
PB: Mr Cerino,…
JC: Did I say excuse me?

PB: Mr Cerino if you continue, you’ll be asked to leave.
PB: I’m telling you right now,

JC: I said excuse me. I didn’t know that was a bad word.
PB: You’re being argumentative sir.

JC: I’m not. I said excuse me. You were in my way. You wanna hold the camera then hold the camera but please don’t stand in my way.
PB: Mr Cerino, conduct your business and get out of my house.

JC: I’ve got one window here to measure, sixteen…by thirty two. Kitchen Kitchen…. sixteen by thirty two. K’ that’s that one. K….okay. Good to go. Okay. Excuse me, I’m gonna come through again.

JC: Now I need to get in the room where you have your dog or whatever’s in your way.
PB: Okay.
JC: See how fast I was done? I told you I’d be that fast.

PB: That’s fine. Would you and Agostino please leave the unit while we transfer the animals?
JC: Okay. Well, we’ll have to get my brother to finish his work first

PB: That’s fine.
JC: And then we’ll leave the unit.
PB: That would be outstanding. Lights Marie.
JC: Got ‘er off?
JC: Once you get the other thing we’ll move the dogs where we want I can get in the other unit.

AC: No problem.
JC: And I’ll go over with you the other trims that’s gotta be taken out.
AC: Yup.
JC: Find it funny, eh? Keep smilin’.

PB: No sir, I do not find it funny and I am not smiling.
JC: I just saw you smiling.
PB: Mr Cerino, please leave the unit.
JC: I’m telling you…

{roomate}: John, leave.
PB: Please leave the unit sir.
JC: I have work to do.
PB: Get out of my home sir.
JC: You’re refusing me to come in and work?

PB: No sir, I am refusing to tolerate your abusive behaviour. Get out.
JC: I’m asking…
PB: Get out!
JC: I’m asking to do my work. Can I come in and do my work?

PB: Sue, please phone the police.
JC: Absolutely, phone them. k?
PB: Get out.
JC: the window….
PB: Agostino, you are welcome here. Not your brother.

JC: He can’t work alone, sorry it’s unsafe. Make sure you put that down ’cause I know you’re the head of the safety board. It’s unsafe to work alone.
PB: He can get someone else. Good day to you sir.

PB: I’ll get that for you, Agostino.
{Roomate}: Just be polite.
JC: That the window?
AC: One more to get.

JC: There’s also another one in the bathroom
AC: That’s the bottom one.
JC: There’s one in the bathroom.
PB: Just a moment here now. Do you plan to return with those windows and put them back in? Not you, him or someone else and him.
JC: No we’re both gonna be comin’ in. If we both can’t come in then the windows won’t be put in, I’m sorry.

PB: Then please replace them sir because your behaviour has made it intolerable…
JC: No no no….your behaviour is intolerable.

PB: Good day sir.
{Roomate}: No more windows are being taken out then.

PB: Best you leave it, Agostino.
AC: I have to repair them, that’s what I’m here for.
PB: Well, as long as they go back in.
AC: I’ll put in what I can.

PB: Don’t bring your brother back please.
AC: That’s between you and him.

JC: K. Actually you were working in unsafe working conditions by working alone, okay? So we’re gonna report that too, make sure you have it on there.


John had previously stated that one of the reasons why he personally had to enter the unit was that Agostino was not qualified to repair the windows (John said that Agostino did not know how to repair glass). I noticed Agostino repairing the windows in the garage, so I recorded a quick video of him working on the broken glass.(Vid 14).

Vid 14 – 2017-05-16 11 42 – Agostino repairing windows.MP4

He appears knowledgeable to me.

A couple of hours later, Agostino knocked on the door, accompanied by Richard Pollington. I wasn’t happy about having Richard in my home, but we wanted the work done so we let them in.

Here’s what happened (Vid 15):

Vid 15 – 2017-05-16 13 40 – Agostino and Richard remove two more windows

Richard Pollington wasn’t much use to Agostino here. Richard is remarkably inept, and there’s an example of that here. Agostino is aware of Richard’s limitations as a worker (we’d discussed it previously) so my best guess here is that John told Richard to go along as a witness. I wasn’t happy about having Richard in my home, but we wanted the work done.

After they left, for the next hour we could hear John screaming, berating Richard and Agostino (mostly Agostino).

Around 14:30 I heard a loud banging against the outside wall of my roomate’s bedroom. I took a camera along. Here’s what I found (Vid16):

Vid 16 – 2017-05-16 14 34 – John on a ladder outside Marie’s bedroom window

Anyone with knowledge of safety procedures for working at heights would cringe watching that video. John is a reckless lunatic on a ladder. (The ladder is not tied off. John leans away from the ladder repeatedly. John is not using any fall arrest equipment at all. John does not maintain three points of contact with the ladder. The list goes on…) (John has absolutely no fear of heights. In June 2017, Agostino commented to Marie “John’s nuts on a ladder. I won’t work with him on a ladder” after a day of such antics from John working on the windows in Bedroom 1 (and the very next day, Agostino was on a ladder beside John. I took a picture to show Marie). In April of 2019 I’d seen John walking along the roof of the building (which has a steep pitch), to the edge, with no harness and no hesitation. He stopped on the edge, looked down at me looking up (I’d been attracted by the noise John was making out there and went outside to investigate) and waved merrily at me standing on the sidewalk at the west side of the building. Agostino was with him, hugging the roof, also with no harness.) He certainly doesn’t mind the camera; he performs for it (as he had the day before). And uses one of his own.

Fig 44 – still from vid 16

Note the “plumber’s band aid” on John’s right thumb. I have witnessed John injure himself about a half dozen times while working. He’s reckless and careless with tools, flies into rages, and (apparently) has a very high tolerance for pain.

There was a bit more of John’s antics a minute later, so I turned the camera back on (Vid 17).

Vid 17 – 2017-05-16 14 36 – More of John on a ladder outside Marie’s bedroom window

Half an hour later, Agostino knocked on the door, accompanied by Richard. He wanted to replace the sills that had been removed and “repaired”.

Here’s what happened (Vid 18):

Vid 18 – 2017-05-16 15 53- Agostino and Richard repairing windows

They left at 16:20. John continued screaming and ranting for the next twenty minutes while they packed up, then John and Agostino left.

Not a very productive day. John expended three man days, was an antagonistic prick the whole day, and the end result was three panes of broken glass being replaced with what appeared to be thin plastic. That much could easily have been accomplished in half the time by two people, with two short entries to our unit. There was no reason for this shitshow.

And yes, if we had simply left the unit and allowed John free run, the day might have been a lot easier on the nerves. But neither of us was willing to give a hostile sociopath unsupervised access to our home (would you?), and the fact remains that it is our home, not John’s.

I also emailed Jason Farr’s office again (From Doc 310).

My notes for the day read as follows (Doc 110):

11 am – John arrived with Agostino

11:10 – John asked to leave. In the meantime Agostino had removed the windows from Marie’s bedroom. When they left they took the windows.

2 pm – Agostino came back with Richard, removed windows in bathroom and kitchen.

3:10 – Agostino and Richard came back, replaced windows. Only the glass was replaced, with thin plastic

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