Another day, another hearing. This time in criminal court. Only three of the loony crew were around; Richard Pollington, Christina Stamper and Agostino Cerino. In the lobby of the court Agostino joined in on the usual provocation before a hearing.

Nothing much came of the hearing, but I did get a chance to speak to the Crown about this mess again. It was agreed that a JPT (Judicial Pre-Trial) would be conducted on August 28, 2019.

After the hearing, as I was leaving, Christina Stamper said to me “You’ll never live long enough to hurt my son”. Since I did not record it (I don’t run a camera in a courthouse) and the only witness was Richard Pollington (if he even heard), I didn’t bother making a complaint to the police. Besides, that isn’t (really) a threat. Just Christina Stamper running off at the mouth again. I think by “hurt” she meant my comment to her on July 15, 2019 that I would make sure he had a criminal record this time.

She isn’t doing Jeremy any favors. Since he got a conditional discharge, I have to assume it’s likely he has no criminal record (or a very minor one; there were no injuries and little property damaged by his crime). Without knowing any of the other circumstances, it would have been easy to spin this story as a guy losing his temper under provocation (which appears to be the loony crew’s spin on the story).

Okay. A criminal record for assault with a weapon for the incident on November 23, 2018 seems a bit excessive to me. It probably did to the judge, too. A lifetime of hassle crossing the border, getting a job, volunteering for a charity and a thousand other things is ‘way out of line for throwing a cup of coffee (which wasn’t cold, and was nearly full despite Richard Pollington’s beliefs).

On the other hand, based on an overheard conversation today (that was not recorded, since I wasn’t part of the conversation and the other people were not aware I was listening) it seems one of the big reasons Jeremy doesn’t like me is that the Stampers were promised our unit when they moved in. John had filed an L2 application in July 2017 that was to be heard on September 24, 2017. John expected our unit would be vacant when the Stampers were ready to move in on January 1, 2018.

That would explain the activity in the Stamper’s unit for late November and December 2017. John had left it vacant since October 2016, when Richard Pollington Jr moved out. Agostino and a number of other people did a lot of work to get the place ready.

Cora Willliams’ young children are, to put it mildly, active and loud. Cora, if you’ll recall, lives above the Stampers. It must be hell. And Jeremy is, apparently, sensitive to noise when he sleeps.

Add to that the fact that John has convinced to whole loony crew that I’m a welfare bum scamming free rent, and I might be a bit annoyed myself in that situation if I were Jeremy. But I would have checked the facts for myself.

And Jeremy appears to have learned nothing from his experience with the criminal justice system. He has taken no responsibility whatsoever. He, and his family, apparently think it’s my fault for not going inside the building when Jeremy ordered me to do so. They believe that was provocation. I see it as not knuckling under to an asshole bully (who I didn’t know) on my front doorstep.

So I’ll be doing my best to make certain Jeremy has a criminal record this time. If the voice of the victim of a crime has any weight, he will. His first appearance is August 22, 209. I plan to attend, and speak to the Crown Attorney who is assigned this file (I won’t know who until the first appearance).

To this point there have been at least sixteen complaints to police (at least 9 from our landlord and his crew) resulting in 14 responses, and charges being laid in two cases (against Jeremy Stamper). The tally is at 19 hours 0 minutes of hearing time at the LTB, in 15 hearings, two by telephone, thirteen in person (counting the Case Management Hearing and mediation session of May 19, 2017 as hearings). It has also used up 9 hours and 51 minutes of a mediator’s time. On the criminal side, it has used up whatever time the pre-enquete hearing used when process was issued on Pollington’s private complaint, and two short appearances. Call it three hearings, 60 minutes of a judge’s time.

23:40 – August 15, 2019 – No word from the cops. It’s busy downtown I guess.

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