Chapter 53 – Sunday, August 11, 2019

August 11, 2019 – 14:36 – I haven’t heard from the police yet, so either Christina Stamper was gaslighting me in the last video, or the cops didn’t bother to respond to the complaint. I went out a couple of times today. No incidents. Wayne Esterbrook was around with a couple of children I don’t recognize (but all kids look alike to me. So do young humans.) Our landlords’ crew are (usually) somewhat better behaved when there are children around. Who knows, I might even get some sleep the night before a court date for a change. My roomate has been out of town since Friday and will be coming back later today sometime.

The smart money is betting against it, but who knows. I’ll post a quick update, and possibly video, if the circus continues.

There is a hearing tomorrow for Pollington’s private complaint, which explains the increase in harassing behavior from our landlords’ crew. At this point, I’d come to expect it.

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